Rendezvous Camping Information

The encampment will be set up “Jamboree Style.”  This has been the tradition with past Rendezvous.  This will enable Scouts from different units, districts, and/or councils to camp side-by-side within the same camping area.  Webelos (camping with a troop), Scouts BSA Scouts, Sea Scouts, Venturers, and Explorers will be camping together, while Cub Scouts and their families will camp in their own area together.

For Troops, Crews, Ships, and Posts:  The encampment will be divided up amongst West Camp, Central Camp, and East Camp.  All units are required to register using Tentaroo.  The Rendezvous Facilities Committee will use online registration for each unit’s camping location.  Assignments will be based on each unit’s registered number of participants and the date registered.  Finalized site assignments will be made by September 17.  All location decisions of the Rendezvous Committee are final.  Webelos (camping with a troop), Scouts BSA Scouts, Venturers, Sea Scouts, and Explorers staying for the weekend are expected to camp the entire three days.  An email will be sent to the unit’s point of contact (designated in Tentaroo) following September 17 with their camp assignment.

For Families:  Family Camping will be in the West Camp Cabin locations (Whitaker, Labor, Thunderbird, Wild Buffalo).  Families staying for the weekend are expected to camp for the entire three days.  Online registration will be used to help assign camping areas.  Limited flush toilets will be available within the encampment areas.

Unit Equipment Transportation: Personal cars and vehicles will not be allowed in the encampment from 4:00 pm on Friday until after 9:00 am Sunday morning.  Unit trailers will be the only vehicles permitted to enter the encampment after 4:00 pm on Friday.  There will be one-way in (West Gate) and one-way out (East Gate).  It is recommended that units drop off trailers and gear up to a week ahead of the event.

Unit Trailers:  Units are strongly encouraged to bring unit trailers to Hidden Valley Scout Reservation before the event.  Units may start dropping off trailers on September 18, 2021, after 8:00 am.  Trailers can be dropped off between September 18 and 24.  If you plan on bringing your trailer early, sign up in advance by clicking here.  For questions or issues scheduling your time, please contact Josh Brown at

Your trailer must be able to fit in your assigned 20′ x 20′ or 40′ x 40′ site depending on the number of registered participants you have.  Bring your trailer early (starting September 18 at 8:00 am) loaded with not only the necessities of camp equipment but also personal gear.  If a Scout, adult leader or parent can pack what is needed for the weekend and place it in your unit trailer, not only does this create more room for “people moving,” it makes a faster process for check-in when arriving at Rendezvous.

Remember, no vehicles will be permitted in the encampment after 4:00 pm on Friday, only tow vehicles with unit trailers.

Parking:  Overnight parking will be in the North Lot then transferred to the South Lot once the North is filled to capacity.  These lots are designated for participants and Rendezvous Staff.  Vendor Parking will be in the stone lot behind the Administration Building.  Only tow vehicles will be allowed into the encampment after 4:00 pm on Friday.

Early Bird Set-up:  Beginning Saturday, September 18 at 8:00 am, there will be an opportunity for units wishing to erect gateways and/or prepare their campsite.  It should be understood that, although night security will be provided, all items and materials left unattended at camp are done so at the unit’s own risk.

Low-Impact Cooking: Units should plan to use propane, solar, or other non-wood means of cooking due to the limited time available for extensive meal preparation.  The National BSA Fuels Policy should be observed by all attendees.

Open Fires:  Open fires must follow good Scouting practices as outline in the Scouting Handbook.  Please DO NOT bring firewood with you to camp.  To avoid, the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle spread, we ask units to use firewood gathered at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation within your campsite.  Fires must be contained in provided campsite fire-rings or in a self-supplied above-ground fire ring.  Fires must be attended at all times.  Before leaving the area, the fire must be completely out and the coals stirred with water until cool to the touch.

Trash Removal:  The New Birth of Freedom Council will not be responsible for any participation garbage.  The “pack it in, pack it out” method will be the standard for the event.

Restroom Facilities:  The New Birth of Freedom Council will provide porta-potties throughout the encampment in addition to the regular restroom facilities at Hidden Valley.  Accessible restrooms will be provided at camping locations and within the campsite areas.

Potable Water Facilities:  Hidden Valley Scout Reservation will be providing fresh drinking water for all of your needs.  We strongly encourage your unit or group to bring water jugs that can be easily filled from the dispensing areas and campsite wash stations.

Campsite Inspections:  The Rendezvous Committee realizes the size of the encampment and the number of activities scheduled for the weekend.  The committee does not want participants to have to worry about formal inspections.  Units should use good Scout camping practices for exposed ropes on tents and dining flies, along with safe practices for using axes and saws.  Persons from the Rendezvous health and safety committee will be around looking for health and safety hazards and will ask units to correct any of these items immediately.

CPAP Services:  Adults in need of power to support CPAP machines must bring a heavy-duty outdoor power cord.  Adults may use a battery pack to recharge CPAP machines.  Electric power generators cannot be used in the encampment.  Limited electrical outlets are reachable new campsites.  Adults in need of an electrical outlet may need to relocate to other locations away from where their unit is camping.  If you require an electrical outlet, please click here.

Rendezvous Camp Rules:  Scouts must uphold all tenets of the Scout Oath and Law.  Campers must report all accidents, injuries, or lost persons to medical staff.  Violations of BSA policies or the following rules may result in the dismissal of individual campers or groups from camp property. Campers are responsible for any damages they cause to camp property.

  1. Vehicles and trailers may be parked only in areas approved.
  2. Golf carts, UTV’s, ATV’s and vehicles may not be used in camp. The Facilities/Ranger Staff are allowed due to National BSA Standard-711 with proper training.
  3. While dropping off and picking up gear, the speed limit in camp is 10 mph. Drivers may not transport passengers in truck beds.
  4. The Camp Commissioners must inspect each campsite and approve its condition before its occupants depart. 
  5. Campers must take their trash home with them when they depart. 
  6. Music and other sounds should not be heard beyond a campsite.  Campers should remain in their campsite during quiet time between 11 pm and 7 am.
  7. No firewood may be brought into camp from other locations.  
  8. Campers may not cut any living or standing trees. 
  9. Campers are not permitted to capture or hunt any animals in camp. Firearms are forbidden.
  10. Smoking in camp is prohibited in front of campers.
  11. At least two adult leaders must be present to supervise campers at all times.
  12. All campers must travel with a buddy.  Adults must accompany campers younger than 11, but no adult should ever be alone with a youth other than his or her own child.  
  13. Alcoholic beverages, fireworks, and gas or liquid fuel heaters are forbidden. 
  14. Secure all valuables.  The camp is not responsible for any lost or stolen property. 
  15. Campers may not bring pets to camp.  Visitors’ pets are restricted to the parking lot and not allowed in camp.  Service dogs can be approved by camp security prior to the event.  
  16. Campers should avoid maintenance areas, storage facilities, and other private properties not part of Rendezvous.    
  17. Generators are not allowed during the encampment.