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Safari 2015 Program

safari-menuCub Scouts will have their own program consisting of 15 Railroad themed stations. Cubs will also be able to participate in the special events and activities and earn their participation pins. Cubs are encouraged to stay for the council-wide campfire.

Boy Scout/Webelos program will have 20 stations that will deal with steam railroading in the United States broken into four action areas spanning from 1800 to 1950. The program will be a learning activity with units being able to earn a participation pin for all Scouts in the unit. The program focus will NOT be on unit competition as is usually the case at a typical camporee.

High Adventure at our Tombstone High Adventure Area is for Scouts 14 years of age or older. Boy Scouts must be at least First Class rank or higher to participate. The program will offer a variety of challenging events for the advanced Scouts, Venture Crews and Explorer Posts, but all are invited to watch the program to see what they can expect in years to come.

Trail Grub

On Saturday, all participants will be eating lunch on the trail. They will have a half hour to eat a bag style trail lunch, while traveling from station to station, to keep the program schedule moving. Patrols should pack their lunches in their bags before they leave to hit the trail in the morning.

Play Your Part

To get units in the railroad feel, we are encouraging all Scouts and Scouters to dress up in their best railroad garb for the Saturday program. Costumes can be as simple as a western hat or as elaborate as a full patrol theme. Western wear ideas: conductor, cowboys, Union soldiers, outlaws, bandito, Native-Americans, mountain men, prospectors, cavalrymen, rangers, etc.

Gateway Competition

One of the traditional events at the Safari has been the unit gateway competition and Safari 2015 will be no different. Units will are asked to create and build a gateway to display in front of their campsite at the Safari. Gateways should follow the theme of “The Iron Horse Encounter” and focus on the legacy of Scouting, a historical event, or something of note or interest from the last 100 years of Boy Scouting. Be creative and resourceful.

Gateways will be judged in the following areas: Design/Construction/Exhibition, Subject Knowledge, Appearance, Neatness, Complexity, Uniqueness and Ability to Communicate the Desired Theme. Each district will select its own 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Then from these winners we’ll select the top three award winners for the council.

Family Camping

Cub Scouts who wish to camp out may do so with their families in the Family Camping Area. This area will be vehicle accessible and will support tents, pop-ups and small trailers. No hook-ups for trailers will be provided. Please refer to the Vehicle Policy for specific information about set up and vehicles in camp.