Scouts BSA Recruitment

There are a number of ways to help have a successful recruitment for your new Scouts BSA troop.  Below are some great methods for recruitment as well as access to a lot of great online resources.

Webelos-to-Scout Transition

Making sure that Scouts that joined the program as Cub Scouts get the chance to take the next step in Scouting is a great place to start.  Scouts who have completed the Arrow of Light are typically ready to join a troop in February-April timeframe.  (the following resources have not been updated yet, but are a good guide to help you get started)

Holding a Troop Open House

A troop open house is a great way to recruit new families and Scouts.  With new troops starting in January and February some of the timeframes will need to be adjusted to accommodate the earlier start time.  

Peer-to-Peer Recruiting

Scouts are the best recruiters for the Scouting Program and there are some really good suggestions on how current Scouts or current prospects can help interest others in joining.

Scout Me In Membership Campaign Resources

There are pictures, videos, email templates and more that are part of the Scout Me In campaign!  These are great to share on social media and other outlets to get youth and families excited about joining the Scouting program.