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Thank you for visiting our webpage.  The Battlefield District serves Adams county and the greater Hanover area.  Scroll down and check out our site for information about upcoming events and relevant District information. Head on over to our Facebook page and subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter for all the most recent updates in the District.

As the weather warms up and the summer is upon us, I want to invite everyone to join us in the Summer of Service initiative from our National Council! Make a plan to get out and serve your community and make an impact this summer! Then share that scouting spirit through social media and show your community that Scouting is a force for good. For more information and support, visit the National Council’s webpage about the Summer of Service program!

Our Volunteers

Our District has some of the most dedicated volunteers serving Battlefield scouts in different positions on our committee:

District Committee Chair – Robert Smith

District Commissioner – Beth Leckrone

District Vice Chair of Membership – Krystal Landis

District Vice Chair of Finance – Matt Phillips

District Finance: Matt Phillips (Popcorn Kernel), Dave Campbell (Camp Cards)

District Program: Herb Snyder (Activities), Linda Brown (Advancement), Barb Hanna (Camp Promotions)

We also have several Unit Commissioners that can assist your unit. Our excellent commissioner staff is James Bollinger, Linda Deardorff, John Helfrick, Ferd Prehn, and Shirley Sanders. If you need a commissioner for your unit, please reach out to me at christopher.lontz@scouting.org to get started.


Our upcoming roundtable dates are:

*roundtables will not resume until August, but we are discussing how we can change the format of our roundtables using what we learned from running them during COVID-19*

Our District Roundtables traditionally occur on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at Freedom Valley Church. If you’re a new leader looking for advice, guidance, or help from another experienced volunteer, this is the perfect place to discuss issues you’re having and figure out a way to solve it. Roundtable is also a great place for leaders of any age or experience level to come gather current information from the Battlefield District and New Birth of Freedom Council related to Camping events, Trainings, and other programs we offer.

*Due to COVID-19 concerns, our council will be continuing online roundtables for the foreseeable future of 2021!

Make sure to mark our Program Launch on your calendars for Thursday, June 3, at Camp Tuckahoe! This program launch will be in-person and take the place of the virtual council-wide roundtable for the month of June. We will have a wealth of information about events coming up in the Fall of 2021, all through the Spring of 2022 to assist with your unit’s Program Calendar Planning for your next Scouting year!

Upcoming Events – click on each image to learn more



Check out information on our Littlestown Area Twilight Camp, themed “Weird Science” for 2021!

Fundraising News

If you have not yet given, please consider making a donation to our 2021 FOS Family campaign. If you would like to make an online contribution to scouting in South-Central Pennsylvania today, head over to our council home page and click on the “Donate Now” widget to make an FOS contribution to the Battlefield District. Every dollar of your gift stays in our local program, providing critical funding for our council-owned camps, training supplies, and wonderful financial aid opportunities such as camperships.

Congratulations to Troop 1863 of Gettysburg for being our top-selling Popcorn & Nuts unit for 2020!

CAMP CARDS ARE IN!!! If you have not received yours, please reach out to Christopher Lontz ASAP to figure out a way to get your cards to your unit so your scouts can start earning their way to camp this summer! As you sell, please feel free to send pictures of your scouts selling in your community to Christopher Lontz to share on Facebook and promote your unit’s sale.

Happy Scouting!
– Christopher Lontz, District Executive

Battlefield District News

  • Restart Scouting Summit Follow Up

    The Restart Scouting Summit was a great success!  Whether you were able to join us or not, we want to make sure that your unit has all of the resources and materials necessary to stay active this summer and to plan for an amazing new year of Scouting!  Fall 2021 looks to provide new opportunities as we work to make … Read More »

  • Join Us for Restart Scouting Summit – June 3

    REGISTER TO ATTEND What is one of the most important meetings that your unit can attend to prepare for an awesome 2021 Scouting year?  The RESTART SCOUTING SUMMIT on June 3 at Camp Tuckahoe.  In place of Program Launch and the June Council-wide Roundtable, the New Birth of Freedom Council is inviting representatives from all of our units to participate … Read More »

  • Sign Up to Attend a Hooked on Scouting Event

    We are excited to be able to offer Hooked on Scouting as part of our Spring Membership Campaign.  Not only are we inviting all of our new Scouts to attend, but any Cub Scout is welcome to come out to attend our program.  Scouts and families will need to bring their own rods and fishing supplies and we will provide … Read More »

  • Accept the Active Summer Pack Challenge

    Will your Pack accept the challenge to be an Active Summer Pack?  We are asking every pack to commit to 2 activities each month in June, July, and August.  This is a fun, easy way to keep your pack members engaged, excited, and energized for the Scouting program.  It also is an important step in making sure your unit is … Read More »

  • How to Plan Your Spring Recruitment

    Families are looking for opportunities to get their son or daughter involved in a local Scouting program.  Is your unit ready to welcome them for exciting Scouting Adventures?  We have put together some great resources to help you prepare for having a Spring Recruitment Event.  If you have never had a Spring Recruitment Event, no worries, follow this information and … Read More »

  • March 2021 Council-wide Roundtable Follow Up

    Thank you to everyone that joined us for the March 2021 Council-wide Roundtable.  We had a great meeting and we hope that all of the participants were able to get a lot of good information on how to KEEP SCOUTING and to do so safely. We shared that during the presentation we would share both the slide deck and the … Read More »

  • Online Camp Card Ordering System is LIVE

    ORDER NOW The Online Camp Card Ordering System is now LIVE! We are excited to be able to offer this easy to use, contactless way to sell Camp Cards so that our Scouts can benefit from the Camp Card Sale and customers can benefit from all of this year’s great offers despite the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.   … Read More »

  • Earn Your Way to Camp with the best Camp Card EVER!

    The 2o21 Camp Card is just what your unit and Scouts need to earn their way to Summer Camp!  With 4 versions of the card, an additional 4th break-off tab, and more offers than ever, these cards will practically sell themselves.  Sign your unit up today to participate in our in-person and contactless sale options! Read More »

  • District Award of Merit

    Battlefield District and Leader Awards for 2020

    Now Calling for Award Applications! Tis the season for determining awards from the 2020 Scouting year. While it was a difficult year for many of us, we hope that we can still recognize scouters who went above and beyond in 2020. Below you’ll find a diverse assortment of award applications. Some of them can even earn you knots for your … Read More »

  • Roundtables Announced for March and April

    In doing our part to help with COVID-19 mitigation efforts, we are planning that the March and April Roundtables will continue to be virtual. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to or participated in Roundtable in 2020.  We look forward to continuing to provide the best content possible for 2021 with the hopes that vaccine distribution continues and we … Read More »

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