• 2022 BF&HT Fall Camporee

    We now have information available for our Fall Camporee! "In the Shadows of 1864" will offer your scout an immersive experience into joining the Union Army

  • Updated Guidance for Unit Meetings

    Check this page to make sure your Unit is following the latest guidance to keep your scouts, leaders, and families safe as you Restart your Scouting year.

  • Join Cub Scouts TODAY

    Click here to learn more about how to sign up for Cub Scouts, escape the great indoors, and join in the excitement!

Welcome to the Battlefield District Webpage

Thank you for visiting our webpage.  The Battlefield District serves Adams county and the greater Hanover area.  Scroll down and check out our site for information about upcoming events and relevant District information. Head on over to our Facebook page and subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter for all the most recent updates in the District.

If you haven’t already signed up for the sale, we hope your Pack, Troop, or Crew will consider selling Camp Cards to support your scouts’ summer plans. Camp Cards are a perfect item to sell alongside your normal Spring fundraiser, as they’re $5 discount cards that provide enough savings on the face of the card to pay for almost 5 cards.

Our Volunteers

Our District has some of the most dedicated volunteers serving Battlefield scouts in different positions on our committee:

District Committee Chair – Robert Smith

District Commissioner – Beth Leckrone

District Vice Chair of Membership – Krystal Landis

District Vice Chair of Finance – Matt Phillips

District Finance: Matt Phillips (Family Friends of Scouting), Dave Campbell (Camp Cards), Michelle Royer (Popcorn & Nuts)

District Program: Herb Snyder (Activities), Linda Brown (Advancement), Barb Hanna (Camp Promotions), Diana Miner (Training)

We also have several Unit Commissioners that can assist your unit. If you need a commissioner for your unit, please reach out to christopher.lontz@scouting.org to get started.


Our upcoming roundtable dates are:

May 5, 2022

Our District Roundtables traditionally occur on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at Freedom Valley Church. If you’re a new leader looking for advice, guidance, or help from another experienced volunteer, this is the perfect place to discuss issues you’re having and figure out a way to solve it. Roundtable is also a great place for leaders of any age or experience level to come gather current information from the Battlefield District and New Birth of Freedom Council related to Camping events, Trainings, and other programs we offer.

Upcoming Events – click on each image to learn more

We will be hosting our Fall Camporee in conjunction with the Heritage Trails District. We will finally be able to put on our long-awaited “In the Shadows of 1864” Camporee! Registration is open NOW, so don’t delay to sign up and order your mock rifle!

Fundraising News

I’d like to ask you to please consider making a donation to our 2022 FOS Family campaign. If you would like to make an online contribution to scouting in South-Central Pennsylvania today, head over to our council home page and click on the “Donate Now” widget to make an FOS contribution to the Battlefield District. Every dollar of your gift stays in our local program, providing critical funding for our council-owned camps, training supplies, and wonderful financial aid opportunities such as camperships.

Our 2022 Camp Card campaign is underway! If you need to order more cards, you can do so from our council’s Camp Card Sale webpage. You can still register your Pack, Troop, or Crew and place your first order at any time. Camp Cards are discount cards that scouts sell for $5 each, with discount offers at local businesses. The discount offers on the face of the card alone total over $20, making each camp card an instant value for whoever buys it. Scouts keep 50%-60% commission on each card they sell, which really helps them to save up for the summer camp of their dreams this summer.

Happy Scouting!
– Christopher Lontz, Senior District Executive

Battlefield District News

  • Join us for Program Launch 2022

    We need “All Hands on Deck” to make the 2022-23 Scouting year the best year that it can possibly be!  To help get your unit prepared for the 2022-23 Scouting year we would like to invite you to attend our 2022 Program Launch at Camp Tuckahoe on June 1, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.   Program Launch is open … Read More »

  • April 2022 Council-Wide Roundtable Follow Up

    Thank you to everyone that joined us for the April 2022 Council-wide Roundtable.  We had a great meeting and we hope that all of the participants were able to get a lot of good information. We shared that during the presentation we would share both the slide deck and the recording from the meeting.  A list of additional resources is … Read More »

  • Battlefield & Heritage Trails “In The Shadows of 1864” Fall Camporee

    War – Civil War – has shaken up the countryside in Gettysburg! Over 3 long days in July, countless Union soldiers were lost in a hard-fought and bittersweet victory over the Southern Johnny Rebs. After attending President Lincoln’s stirring Gettysburg Address, you have decided to join your local regiment of the Union army to help put an end to this … Read More »

  • Register to Attend the April Council-wide Roundtable

    The New Birth of Freedom Council will be holding a Council-wide Virtual Roundtable on April 7 at 7:00pm.  The Roundtable will feature a ton of great information (see the list below).  Roundtable is open to any adult, parent, or volunteer who would like to find out more about supporting and growing our local Scouting programs.   Register for the April … Read More »

  • Announcing the 2022 Camp Card Sale

    It may be cold outside right now, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about Summer Scouting Adventures!  One of the best ways to help your Scouts earn their way to Summer Camp is to participate in the 2022 Camp Card Sale! The Camp Card is a “discount card” that offers deals at area businesses to the purchaser. … Read More »

  • District Award of Merit

    Battlefield District Leader Awards for 2021

    Now Calling for Award Applications! ‘Tis the season for determining awards from the 2021 Scouting year. While it was a difficult year for many of us, we hope that we can still recognize scouters who went above and beyond in 2021. Below you’ll find a diverse assortment of award applications. Some of them can even earn you knots for your … Read More »

  • December Membership Minute – The Gift of Scouting

    As we enter the joyous holiday season let us ALL OFFER THE GIFT OF SCOUTING in three ways: When with your family and friends talk up the benefits of Scouting for our youth and their parents. Give them the GIFT OF SCOUTING.  Research shows that our youth members join because they or their parents have been in contact with a … Read More »

  • Citizenship in Society Merit Badge

    On November 1, the Boy Scouts of America launched the Citizenship in Society merit badge, its newest merit badge for youth in the Scouts BSA program (ages 11-17). In case you’ve heard rumors or seen early reports on this merit badge before its release, let us offer some clarity on what the Citizenship in Society merit badge is. All key … Read More »

  • 5 Things Your Unit Can Do to Recruit More Scouts

    Whether you are a Pack, Troop, Crew, or Ship here are 5 great ideas of what you can do now to help recruit new Scouts into your program! Option 1: If you HAVEN’T held your unit’s recruitment night(s) yet: Activate your parents!  Energetic, engaged parents will be a big boost to your recruitment efforts. Reach out to your neighborhood school. … Read More »

  • Friendstorming – Inviting Friends to Join Your Unit

    Covid took a big bite out of our membership last year, but if each of us grabs an oar – remember our nautically themed “All Hands on Deck” membership plan? – we can turn that ship around and make this a great membership year.   We had some units that had an awesome September! Special congrats to: Battlefield Pack 88 … Read More »

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