• Dragon's Quest Rendezvous

    Make sure you join us this September 24-26 at Hidden Valley for our exciting, Medieval-themed camporee!

  • 2021 Popcorn & Nuts Sale

    Sign up today for any part of our Popcorn & Nuts Sale. This sale will help the 2022 Program Fee as well as provide you some tasty snacks for the Fall and Winter!

  • 2022 Klondike Derby

    It's never too late to reserve your cabin for the 2022 Klondike Derby, February 18-20. Click here to learn more!

  • Historic Gettysburg Trails

    Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity in our District's backyard!

  • Updated Guidance for Unit Meetings

    Check this page to make sure your Unit is following the latest guidance to keep your scouts, leaders, and families safe as you Restart your Scouting year.

Welcome to the Battlefield District Webpage

Thank you for visiting our webpage.  The Battlefield District serves Adams county and the greater Hanover area.  Scroll down and check out our site for information about upcoming events and relevant District information. Head on over to our Facebook page and subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter for all the most recent updates in the District.

Now that school has restarted and the Fall is here, it is time to double-down on recruitment! Make sure you read our ALL HANDS ON DECK letter from our council president, and then check out the National Council’s website for recruitment tips. I look forward to using this space to promote some successful strategies that our Cub Scout Packs have used this year to promote their events and recruit more Cub Scouts.

Our Volunteers

Our District has some of the most dedicated volunteers serving Battlefield scouts in different positions on our committee:

District Committee Chair – Robert Smith

District Commissioner – Beth Leckrone

District Vice Chair of Membership – Krystal Landis

District Vice Chair of Finance – Matt Phillips

District Finance: Matt Phillips (Popcorn Kernel), Dave Campbell (Camp Cards)

District Program: Herb Snyder (Activities), Linda Brown (Advancement), Barb Hanna (Camp Promotions)

We also have several Unit Commissioners that can assist your unit. Our excellent commissioner staff is James Bollinger, Linda Deardorff, John Helfrick, Ferd Prehn, and Shirley Sanders. If you need a commissioner for your unit, please reach out to me at christopher.lontz@scouting.org to get started.


Our upcoming roundtable dates are:

October 7, 2021*; November 4, 2021; December 2, 2021

Our District Roundtables traditionally occur on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at Freedom Valley Church. If you’re a new leader looking for advice, guidance, or help from another experienced volunteer, this is the perfect place to discuss issues you’re having and figure out a way to solve it. Roundtable is also a great place for leaders of any age or experience level to come gather current information from the Battlefield District and New Birth of Freedom Council related to Camping events, Trainings, and other programs we offer.

*Because of what we learned during the pandemic, we’ll be hosting our October 7 roundtable virtually to discuss Recharter and share the same message across all the Districts of our Council*

Upcoming Events – click on each image to learn more



We hope to see you at our Dragon’s Quest Rendezvous at Hidden Valley on September 24-26, 2021. Click on the image above to learn more!

We will be hosting our Klondike Derby at Camp Tuckahoe on February 18-20, 2022. While we are gathering information to share with your Troop or Arrow of Light den, you are able to reserve a cabin for your unit by contacting Christopher Lontz before December 1, 2021. Cabins are reserved specifically for Battlefield Packs, Troops, and Crews up until December 1, 2021, at a first-come, first-served basis.

Fundraising News

If you have not yet made your contribution, please consider making a donation to our 2021 FOS Family campaign. If you would like to make an online contribution to scouting in South-Central Pennsylvania today, head over to our council home page and click on the “Donate Now” widget to make an FOS contribution to the Battlefield District. Every dollar of your gift stays in our local program, providing critical funding for our council-owned camps, training supplies, and wonderful financial aid opportunities such as camperships.

Congratulations to our Camp Card Top Sellers for this year! Our top-selling scout was Trey Royer from Troop 1863B. Our top-selling was Troop 501 in Littlestown, who was also the top-selling unit in the entire Council!

Popcorn & Nuts sales are currently underway, but it’s not too late to sign your Pack, Troop, or Crew up to sell. You can sign up at any time for our Show & Sell consignment program, or even begin the Take Order / Scout Deliver Sale whenever you would like!

Happy Scouting!
– Christopher Lontz, District Executive

Battlefield District News

  • Register to Attend the October Council-Wide Roundtable

    The New Birth of Freedom Council will be holding our first Council-wide Virtual Roundtable this fall on October 7 at 7:00pm.  For the 2021-22 Scouting year, we will hold a combination of virtual and in-person Roundtable meetings (see the schedule below).  The October Roundtable will feature training for the 2022 Recharter Process.  This is an extremely important Roundtable for the … Read More »

  • Sharing September – Council Membership Minute

      Restoring membership to healthy levels is the top priority for the council this year, so each month we will be offering a quick tip to help your unit achieve its recruiting goals. This month’s tip is sharing. Sharing September, you can call it. Did you know that most Scouts joined because of someone they know? It’s true. That’s why … Read More »

  • Popcorn and Nuts Sale Off to a Great Start

    The 2021 Popcorn and Nuts sale is off to a great start!  We are excited to share that both our new vendor, Pecatonica River Popcorn, and our returning vendor Whitley’s Nuts were able to deliver all of their product and orders on schedule for distribution.  All of the products shipped as promised and made for a smooth start! We are … Read More »

  • Top Priority for the New Birth of Freedom Council – A Message from Council President Matt Haar

    To Our New Birth of Freedom Scouting family, We are facing an unprecedented situation, and I’m asking for your help. Last year, due to the Covid pandemic, our Cub Scout membership dropped by 42 percent. Let that sink in. In a single year, we lost almost half of our Cub Scouts. For the first time in history, we actually have … Read More »

  • Announcing Top Sellers for the 2021 Camp Card Sale

    A HUGE THANK YOU and congratulations to everyone that helped to make the 2021 Camp Card Sale a success!  Our generous Camp Card partners helped us to put together 4 AMAZING Camp Cards and our Scouts did a fantastic job selling them!  We are excited about all the benefits this year’s cards provided to our local Scouts and units. A … Read More »

  • All Hands on Deck for Fall Membership

    “All Hands on Deck!” These words are typically associated with an emergency at sea to indicate that all crew members should go to the deck to help.  Though we are not at sea, we are asking all of the Scouters in the New Birth of Freedom Council to respond to our “all hands” call.   In 2020, COVID-19 devastated our … Read More »

  • Sign Up Today for Rendezvous The Dragon’s Quest

    September 24-26 the New Birth of Freedom will host a council-wide camporee at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation for Scouts of all ages.  Join us for this exciting event which features a medieval theme, The Dragon’s Quest!  Find out more about how to participate in this exciting program! Read More »

  • Initial Show and Sell Popcorn and Nuts Due Today

    Get your 2021 Popcorn and Nuts Sale started on the right foot by making sure that your Show and Sell Order is placed today, July 26 for August 13 pick up.  Units can place their Show and Sell Orders by clicking here.  If you are having trouble placing your order or have questions about your order, please contact any member … Read More »

  • Become a part of history, Class of 2021 Eagle Scouts

    Time is ticking…To become a member of this year’s Eagle Scout Class and a part of history, Scouts, BSA who have completed their Board of Review between October 1, 2020, and September 30, 2021, will receive an invitation along with their Scoutmaster to attend the dinner on Tuesday, November 23, at the Hershey Lodge this October. Eagle Scouts who qualify … Read More »

  • Program Fee Study Report and Webinar Recording

    Since January, an ad hoc committee of volunteer leaders from each district in the Council has been meeting to discuss whether to implement a program fee in the New Birth of Freedom Council.  The ad hoc committee decided that implementing a straight across-the-board program fee (an additional fee assessed to every registered member) was not the best approach for our … Read More »

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