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  • Indian Rock DistrictThe Indian Rock District covers five school districts in southern York County including York Suburban, Red Lion Area, Dallastown Area, Southern, and South Eastern.

    The name Indian Rock is a reference to the steps and hieroglyphs that were carved into the river rocks along the Susquehanna River tens of thousands of years ago by York County’s first residents; the Native Americans. Many of these river rocks and other artifacts can still be viewed at the Indian Steps Museum.

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  • Pioneer DistrictThe Pioneer District supports Scouting units in parts of Cumberland and York Counties including the following school districts: Camp Hill, Carlisle, Cumberland Valley, East Pennsboro, Mechanicsburg, Northern York County, and South Middleton.

    Pioneer was chosen for our district name not only due to the fact that the area served as a “window to the west” during our nation’s expansion in the 1800’s, but more importantly, due to the importance of the area in the railroad industry in the same era.

    The Pioneer was a steam locomotive, purchased and placed into operation by the Cumberland Valley Railroad in 1851. It remained in service until 1890. Hauling both passenger and work trains throughout the area, including Carlisle, Dillsburg and Mechanicsburg, the Pioneer has quite a storied history. Confederate General J.E. B. Stuart caused serious damage to the locomotive in October 1862 as he burned the Chambersburg rail yards, but it was repaired and returned to service.

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  • Susquehanna Trail DistrictThe Susquehanna Trail district covers seven school districts in Northeastern York County and Southeastern Cumberland County.  They are Central York, Dover, Eastern York, Northeastern, West Shore, West York, and York City.

    The name “Susquehanna Trail” emphasizes the connection of the various communities in the district from York to Camp Hill. Although originally used by the Susquehannock tribe, the trail began common use in the colonial period as a major travel route from York to Harrisburg.  Various parts of the route are known by other names as the road winds under and over I-83 going north and south.

    The name “Susquehanna Trail” emphasizes the connection of the various communities in the district from York to Camp Hill.

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