July Council-wide Roundtable Follow Up

Thank you to everyone that joined us for the July 2021 Council-wide Roundtable.  We had a great meeting and we hope that all of the participants were able to get a lot of good information on how to KEEP SCOUTING and to do so safely.

We shared that during the presentation we would share both the slide deck and the recording from the meeting.  A list of additional resources is below.

Update 7/9/21

July Roundtable Recording

July Roundtable Slidedeck


  • Next Roundtables will be held in-person in August – Battlefield, Heritage Trails, Keystone Capital, and Pioneer will be August 5.  Conococheague will be August 12.  Please see your District Newsletter for details on location.
  • For Roundtables September 2021 to May 2022, there will be a mix of in-person and Council-wide Virtual Roundtables.  Watch for more information.
  • Event recognizing the 2020 Eagle Scout Class will be held August 18 at Camp Tuckahoe.  
  • The 2021 Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner information is available here
  • Details about the York Revolution Scout Night are available here.  To purchase tickets online use the group code: boyscoutnight
  • Details about the Harrisburg Senators Scout Night are available here.
  • Camp Card Prize Orders are due.  Units will see their cards for the Honoring Our Heroes Program starting next week.
  • There are still opportunities to sign up for camp.  To register for:
  • Hidden Valley – Scouts BSA – Click here
  • Camp Tuckahoe – Scouts BSA – Click here
  • Camp Tuckahoe – Webelos – Click here
  • Cub Scout Adventure Camp (Day and Twilight Options) – Click here

Fall Membership

Popcorn and Nuts

  • Sign up for the Fall Sale here
  • Details about the Sale are posted here.  
  • View the Recording of the Popcorn and Nuts Kickoff here.


  • Event details are available here.
  • Sign up to participate for the weekend here.
  • Sign up to participate for the day here.
  • Sign up for staff here.  

Unit Budget Planning

  • Planning resources are available here.
  • Unit Money Earning Application is available here.
  • Bryan on Scouting Article on Fundraising is available here.  

Program Fee Study Update

  • Register for the webinar on July 20 at 7:00pm here.

Questions and Answers

Q. When will roundtables return to in-person meetings?

A. We will again be having in-person roundtables starting in August.  However, going forward there will likely be a mix of in-person roundtables and virtual roundtables.  Our ad hoc commission group has proposed 3 Council-wide Virtual Roundtables during the Scouting year, 1 Council-wide in-person roundtable (Program Launch), and 6 to 7 in-person district roundtables.  The schedule is being finalized and will likely be shared at the August District Roundtable.

Q. What are the guidelines for posting on social media?

A. Social media is an excellent tool for promoting Scouting and your unit.  The current guidelines for social media can be found here.  Note that when a Scout completes the Part A portion of their medical form, they are also giving consent for photography and media use.  As a general rule of thumb, Scouts should not be identified by first and last name in social media posts.   

Q. Can Scouts BSA participate in Rendezvous as a Day Participant or must the attend for the whole weekend?

A. They can participate as a Day Participant.

Q. Does the $30 fee cover food as well.  

A. No.  The $30 fee is the Participant Activity Fee.  Units will need to provide their own food or purchase food at the event from our Food Sales Booth or Food Trucks.

Q. With a September 3 deadline for early registration, will registration require names or just number of attendees?

A. Names are not required at the time of registration.  The unit can select the number of spots they think they will need for registration.

Q. Can a unit register for staff for Rendezvous instead of registering individually?

A.  If a unit is interested in helping out at the event on staff, they should reach out to Justin Schneider at jsschneider12@gmail.com 

Q. Is there an update on the bankruptcy?

A. Just ahead of the 4th of July weekend, national media announced that the BSA had potentially reached an agreement in establishing the Victim’s Compensation Fund, which is a critical step in emerging from bankruptcy.  Most national media carried details of that story.  At this point, we don’t have any further information to share how that decision will impact us locally. The bankruptcy process is unfortunately slow and unpredictable.  As we have information to share about the local impact we will be sure to do so.  

Q. Since there was a decision on a Program Fee, does that mean there will be a Program Fee?

A. More information is coming soon.  The board only made a decision the night before roundtable.  The decision was not to institute a traditional Program Fee where everyone pays the same amount.  Units will be assessed an annual fee; however, a credit system will be put in place where units can earn 100% of the fee and have to pass nothing along to Scouts or families.  Please register for the information session to get all of the details.  

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