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Scouts BSA Summer Camp at Camp Tuckahoe

2021 Scouts BSA Summer Camp at Camp Tuckahoe will open Soon!

Summer camp at Camp Tuckahoe is designed to be the highlight of an exciting year in Scouting. It’s a time to delight in the outdoors, to learn new skills, to forge new alliances and to have fun with friends. From the newest Tenderfoot to the most experienced older Scout, summer camp at Tuckahoe is the adventure that puts the “outing” in Scouting.

A full week of summer camp offers all Scouts the opportunity to experience the finest in long-term Scout camping.  At Tuckahoe, Scouts will enjoy an outstanding Scouting environment and will develop leadership and outdoor skills, as well as achieving advancement and having fun with other Scouts. A carefully-selected, well-qualified and dedicated camp staff is available to help the leadership of all troops to carry out a super camping experience. Our goal is to balance the right amount of fun, training and adventure.

At Tuckahoe,  Scouts experience a diverse “traditional” summer camp program, combined with exciting facilities such as Project COPE, a crystal-clear swimming pool and an air-conditioned dining hall capable of comfortably seating more than 500 campers at a sitting.  At Tuckahoe, excellent facilities combine with carefully-selected and enthusiastic camp staff members to create an outstanding summer camp adventure for Scout troops who choose Tuckahoe for their summer camp experience.

Each summer, Tuckahoe typically welcomes dozens of Scout troops traveling outside their own council looking for someplace special for summer camp for their Scouts. At Camp Tuckahoe, there are no extra fees charged for out-of-council units.

Summer Camp Program Areas

  • Aquatics – swimming activities take place in our 186,000-gallon swimming pool, while rowing and canoeing happens on Memory Lake.
  • Buffalo Braves First-Year Camper Program – for new Scouts to work on most of the rank requirements from Tenderfoot to First Class.
  • Shooting Sports – archery, rifle and shotgun ranges. Great fishing opportunities abound at Memory Lake.
  • Handicrafts – with instruction available in basketry, indian lore, leatherwork and wood carving.
  • Nature – what better classroom for nature-related merit badges than 1,300 acres of magnificent woodlands.
  • Scoutcraft – a great place to learn those traditional Scouting outdoor skills

Free Leaders*

If a Unit brings eight Scouts, TWO Adults may camp for FREE!
For every additional eight Scouts that attend, one additional Adult may camp for free!

*All adults and parents that are residents of Pennsylvania and are planning to attend any of the New Birth of Freedom Council summer camp programs need to obtain those background clearances now mandated by state law. Click here for more information.

February 1st

A $60 deposit is due for ALL registered youth and adults. These deposits are non-refundable, so confirming your registration numbers (and making changes, if need be) is highly recommended. You will not be able to reduce your numbers after this date.


In Council families requesting financial assistance must submit a Campership Application by April 15th.

Save 25%!

A 25% discount will be given to any Scout who attends a second week of summer camp in one of the following New Birth of Freedom Council Summer Programs: Summer Resident Camp, Junior Leader Training, or Philmont Trek. Please let us know!
View the summer camp reservation guidelines for more information.

Adults Splitting the Session

If there are adults that are splitting the session, DO NOT include the extra adults in your registration. The adult who will be arriving at camp with the unit should be included in the registration and all adults that will be splitting that session with him/her will need to complete this form.

Example: Mikey’s dad is arriving with the Troop on Sunday, but will need to leave on Wednesday afternoon. Bobby’s stepdad will arrive Wednesday afternoon and stay until the end of camp. This equates to one paid adult in the Troop’s registration. Mikey’s dad needs to be added as a Participant in that registration and Bobby’s stepdad needs to fill out this form. If you have any questions, please email Todd or call at 717.502.4190

Honor Camper Award

The Honor Camper Award is for participation in the camp program. Scouts can earn log segments that fit into each side of the Honor Camper award patch. Scouts can also earn trail hiking pins to place on the center of the patch and summer attendance bars are added each year you attend camp.

Buffalo Braves Program

The Buffalo Braves program is designed for first and second-year campers. Two camp commissioner areas will cover many of the Tenderfoot through First Class requirements. Back in the campsite, Scouts must show troop leaders the skills they have mastered so leaders can sign off on the necessary requirements in their handbooks.

The program sessions are scheduled in both the morning and afternoon to permit time for Scouts to participate in Swimming and Basketry merit badge classes during the day. Scouts will learn knots and lashings, outdoor cooking, how to use woodsman tools and how to make campsite gadgets. Also taught are first aid skills and how to use a compass.

On one night each week, we will head on out for an outpost. Each pair of Scouts from the troop will need to bring a lightweight two-man tent or tarp to share, in addition to their personal gear.

Project COPE

If you want a real challenge, COPE is the place to start. COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) is a program designed for Scouts at least 13 years old. The program is comprised of group initiative games, trust events, low course and high course events. COPE consists of five half-day sessions and an additional fee is required. Each person is awarded a COPE patch.

Individual “Provisional” Scouts BSA Registrations

Scouts who wish to attend camp without their troop can attend camp as a “provisional” Scout. The Camp Director will make arrangements with troop leaders to have provisional Scouts attend camp as part of their troop for the week. (There will be an additional charge for each Provisional Camper.)

National BSA Requirements for Adults attending Scouts BSA Resident Camp

Any adult accompanying a Scouts BSA Troop must be registered as a leader, including completion of Youth Protection Training and appropriate clearances.

Parents who are not registered leaders but will be attending camp must be registered members of the BSA before arriving at camp. Please see your Unit Leader or visit one of the Council Service Centers to obtain an Adult Application. Be sure to include your completed Youth Protection Training certificate along with your appropriate clearances with your Application.

Adults registering with the BSA for the sole reason to attend camp may register as Scouter Reserve and the cost to register will be prorated.

For more information about the PA-mandated clearances required for all adult residents of Pennsylvania, please visit https://tinyurl.com/NBOFClearances

How To Sign Up For Camp

All registrations for summer camp are handled through our online system called Tentaroo. If your Troop does not have an account, please first create an account, then you’ll be able to reserve your space at summer camp.