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Cub & Webelos Summer Camp

Duty, Courage, Honor

Harken back to days of old and come to the Kingdom of Tuckahoe, where Scouts will mingle with knights and squires, lords and ladies, and live like the heroes of now-distant days. Yet Scouts should not expect an easy sojourn…

‘Tis true that, for years beyond counting, the people of Tuckahoe have dwelt in peace and prospered. Ruled by a just and noble king, the realm has flourished, the envy of the world! But the king has passed without an heir, and noble lords now vie to wear the crown. The specter of war now haunts the land, and who can stop it?

One small hope remains, for legend speaks of one who shall rise in the hour of greatest need – a hero known not for strength of arm but stoutness of heart, not by mighty deeds but by purity of soul. And legend says that one so worthy shall be known to all by freeing the Sword of Valor from the boulder that’s encased it since the First King sat on Tuckahoe’s throne.

The nobles believe that the date with destiny has come, and all agree to try their hand at claiming the blade. But perhaps a surprise lies in store, and every good Scout must hurry to arrive in time and see who shall draw the Sword from the Stone!

What Will They Do?

Program Areas Include:

  • Archery
  • BB Shooting
  • Boating
  • Climbing
  • Handicraft
  • Nature
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • PAWS (Playing and Whittling Scouts)
  • Scoutcraft
  • STEM
  • Swimming
  • Additional Programs
  • Camp-wide Events & Games
  • A Cub Scout’s World
  • Cub World Overnight Excursion
    While your campsite will serve as “home base” during your stay at Tuckahoe, every pack can schedule an overnight excursion to sleep in one of our Cub World theme areas.  Reservations will be honored in the order they are received until all spaces are full, so don’t wait until the last minute to stake your claim!  Please indicate your preference when you register for camp, and expect to be informed of your assignment on the evening of your arrival.The Fort and Castle, perennial favorites, each accommodate 40 campers.  The Teepee Village has space for 36 campers, while the Pirate Ship can accommodate 20.  Please note that, while not quite as weatherproof as our other options, in fair weather the teepees and ship can provide overnight experiences that are impossible to beat!Participants in this program will transport their own gear from the campsite, so we suggest limiting your overnight gear to what you can comfortably carry (a sleeping bag and pillow would suit most campers).  You should also plan to awaken early enough to return to your campsite, clean up, and still make it to our morning flag raising ceremony on time.
  • Family Night Barbecue
    What better way to conclude your stay at Tuckahoe than to host your family and friends for a little taste of the camping experience? Guests may arrive between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm on the final day of each session and, for a small charge, join us for dinner. Guests may even plan to stay for the closing campfire show! (Please purchase your BBQ Tickets at the Trading Post. BBQ Ticket Prices are: $5 for Youth, $7 for Adult, and youth under 5 eat for free!)

Who Can Go?

Tuckahoe welcomes all Cub Scouts, Webelos, and their Adult Partners!
Tiger Cub Camp is for those youth and parents that participated in the Lion Program during the previous school year and will be entering first grade as Tiger Cubs this fall. Click here for more information.
Cub Scout Camp is for boys who will be entering first through third Grades in the fall.
Webelos Camp is for those entering fourth or fifth Grade.

Separate sessions for Cubs and Webelos allow us to offer programs designed specifically for them! We encourage all Scouts to register for camp with their Pack or Den.  Children not registered in the BSA cannot attend camp.

Free Leaders*

If a Unit brings eight Scouts, TWO Adults may camp for FREE!
For every additional eight Scouts that attend, one additional Adult may camp for free!

*All adults and parents that are residents of Pennsylvania and are planning to attend any of the New Birth of Freedom Council summer camp programs need to obtain those background clearances now mandated by state law. Click here for more information.

February 1st

A deposit is due for ALL registered youth and adults. ($50 per person for Cub Scout Camp and $60 per person for Webelos Camp.) These deposits are non-refundable, so confirming your registration numbers (and making changes, if need be) is highly recommended. You will not be able to reduce your numbers after this date.


In Council families requesting financial assistance must submit a Campership Application by April 15th.

Adult Leaders

The Boy Scouts of America require at least two adult leaders to be in camp with each unit at all times. We encourage one adult for every four Scouts but require a minimum of one adult for every eight Scouts and one additional adult for each four boys (or part thereof). Many units bring one adult for every Scout.

All adults and parents planning to attend New Birth of Freedom Council summer camp programs need to obtain those background clearances now mandated by state law. Click here for more information.

Adults Splitting the Session

If there are adults that are splitting the session, DO NOT include the extra adults in your registration. The adult who will be arriving at camp with the unit should be included in the registration and all adults that will be splitting that session with him/her will need to complete this form.

Example: Mikey’s dad is arriving with the Troop on Sunday, but will need to leave on Wednesday afternoon. Bobby’s stepdad will arrive Wednesday afternoon and stay until the end of camp. This equates to one paid adult in the Troop’s registration. Mikey’s dad needs to be added as a Participant in that registration and Bobby’s stepdad needs to fill out this form. If you have any questions, please email Todd or call at 717.502-4190

How To Sign Up For Camp

All registrations for summer camp are handled through our online system called Tentaroo. If your unit does not have an account, please first create an account, then you’ll be able to reserve your space at summer camp. newbirthoffreedom.org/onlinereservations