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Heritage Trails District


Welcome to the Heritage Trails District

The Heritage Trails District serves eleven school districts in York County: Central York, Dallastown, Dover, Eastern York, Northeastern York, Red Lion, South Eastern, Southern York, West York, York City, and York Suburban. The Heritage Trails Name was chosen due to several different trails that run or ran throughout York County.  These trails helped create York County and the area in which this District lies. The trails most notable are the Mason Dixon Trail, the Heritage Rail Trail, the Susquehanna Trail, and the Monocacy Path/Trail (Currently Route 30).  All of these trails helped bring settlers and goods into the area which we now call York County and helped create our heritage.

Our District Committee and Commissioner Staff welcome you to the Heritage Trails District and wish you happy trails through your Scouting journey. We invite you to sign-up for our weekly newsletter and follow us on our Facebook page. Also, check out our contact page in the sidebar. We have an amazing team of volunteers who can help answer any questions you may have and help guide you in your unit operations.

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Discovery is at the heart of Scouting. Whether it’s a campout, derby car race, or hike on the trail, we believe every adventure helps us uncover a little more about ourselves. We build the foundations for humility and compassion—strengthening character through actions—to prepare youth for a lifetime of leadership.

Cub Scouting (Grades K – 5)
Cub Scouts is for boys and girls, kindergarten to 5th grade. It is a program where youth develop the foundations for leadership, citizenship, and personal fitness through fun activities involving parents and legal guardians. Cub Scouting designates participants into groups based on grade and gender before participating in activities. 

Cub Scouting encourages family fun while providing youth with a safe space to make friends and challenge themselves through age-appropriate activities. It is a program where children and parents feel like they belong to an organization that consistently reinforces worthwhile values like honesty, good conduct, and respect for others. 

Scouts BSA (Ages 11 – 17)
The traditional Scouting program, Scouts BSA is where youth develop outdoor survival skills, self-confidence, and ethics through youth planned activities with increased attention to service, community engagement, and leadership.

Scouts BSA prepares youth to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Throughout their time in Scouting, Scouts learn the value of hard work and experience the thrill of seeing it pay off. 

Venturing (Ages 14 – 20)
Created for boys and girls ages 14-20, Venturing is a youth-led program where Scouts experience positive mentorship and develop leadership skills in a fun, supportive environment.  

Venturing teaches youth valuable leadership skills through fun, challenging, and age-appropriate adventures where they are encouraged to make ethical choices that adhere to the Scout Oath and Law. 

Sea Scouts (Ages 14 – 20)
Sea Scouting is a maritime program for boys and girls ages 14-20 providing a fun, safe environment for Scouts to learn, build friendships, and develop character while earning advancement.

Sea Scouts prepares youth for the routine and unexpected challenges of seamanship while encouraging citizenship, developing boating skills, and promoting water safety through hands-on experience on a watercraft.


Heritage Trails District News

  • Light of Scouting Challenge

    Show us what it means to be a Scout, what Scouts do, or what you think of when you hear “Scouting!” The Heritage Trails District challenges all Scouts to compete in our Light of Scouting Challenge, where Scouts are challenged to create an outdoor light display that represents what being a Scout is all about. Scouts are encouraged to turn … Read More »

  • United Methodist Church Partnership

    As the BSA and the United Methodist Church embark on a new relationship, we have assembled these resources to help your unit decide what the best course of action is and then how to successfully manage your future chartered partner relationship. United Methodist Partnership Recording United Methodist Partnership Webinar (slide deck) Units have 3 options to consider: New chartered partner … Read More »

  • 2023 Internet Rechartering is LIVE

    Everything your unit needs to know about completing the 2023 Internet Rechartering Process is available here!   Read More »

  • October 9 – Welcome to Scouting Movie Night

    Unfortunately, this year’s Welcome to Scouting Movie Night is canceled due to low interest. We are happy to hear about the success of everyone’s sign-up nights and seeing Scouting grow in the Heritage Trails District. Be on the lookout down the road for next year’s date! To help welcome your new Scouts to Scouting, we encourage everyone to attend this … Read More »

  • Cub Scout Recruitment

    Recruitment is not just a day or a season; it is always ongoing. Recruitment must be something we spend time on all year round and not redirect our focus from. This is why recruitment is an “all hands on deck” activity. To help you be successful in your recruiting efforts this year, we have put together some helpful tips, essential … Read More »

  • Scouts BSA Recruitment

    Recruitment is not just a day or a season; it is always ongoing. It is also not just for packs, but troops as well. This is why recruitment is an “all hands on deck” activity. To help you be successful in your recruiting efforts this year, we have put together some helpful tips, essential resources, and possible ideas. You can … Read More »

  • April 2022 Council-Wide Roundtable Follow Up

    Thank you to everyone that joined us for the April 2022 Council-wide Roundtable.  We had a great meeting and we hope that all of the participants were able to get a lot of good information. We shared that during the presentation we would share both the slide deck and the recording from the meeting.  A list of additional resources is … Read More »

  • Register to Attend the April Council-wide Roundtable

    The New Birth of Freedom Council will be holding a Council-wide Virtual Roundtable on April 7 at 7:00pm.  The Roundtable will feature a ton of great information (see the list below).  Roundtable is open to any adult, parent, or volunteer who would like to find out more about supporting and growing our local Scouting programs.   Register for the April … Read More »

  • 2022 Heritage Trails District Pinewood Derby

    Calling all Pinewood Derby Racers! May 7, 2022 – Heritage Trails District will be hosting the annual District Pinewood Derby and Demolition Derby. All Scouts can enter to race their car in this years race for their current Den. This is for all Lions through AOL Scouts. In addition, adults and siblings can enter a car as an Outlaw car. Finally, everyone can enter a … Read More »

  • 2022 Heritage Trails Spring Camporee

    The “Shrine of Democracy” Spring Camporee will challenge your scout skills and teamwork ability. Can you name the four presidents on Mount Rushmore? Join us April 22-24, 2022 at the Lance beard Farm, 28 Water Street in Jacobus, PA.   Read More »

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