Council Leadership – Executive Board

New Birth of Freedom Council Officers

Council President Jan L. Wagner
Council Commissioner Thomas A. Steckbeck
Treasurer Lance E. Smith
Secretary / CEO / Scout Executive Ronald M. Gardner, Jr.
Vice President – Administration Kathryn E. Blednick
Vice President – Alumni Relations Mark S. Robertson
Vice President – Camping David Wyrwas
Vice President – District Operations Shawn Leppo
Vice President – Family Scouting Wesley E. Garrod
Vice President – Fund Development William F. McQuade
Vice President – Marketing & Communications Vacant
Vice President – Membership & Relationships J. Scot Chadwick
Vice President – Program  Randall K. Cline
Vice President – Properties John M. Kotchish
Vice President – STEM/Exploring Vacant

 Executive Board Members

John G. Anthony II
David J. Barto
Daniel K. “Chip” Bayer
Kathryn E. Blednick
Alan R. Boynton, Jr.
Theresa Brush
Michael D. Button
Scott Cantor
J. Scot Chadwick
Matthew A. Clemens
Randall K. Cline
Justin M. Eberly
Thomas J. Fowlston
Evan J. Forrester
Brian S. Funkhouser
Wesley E. Garrod
James D. George
Barbara S. Guise
Matthew M. Haar
Michael W. Hassell
Dr. Franklin R. Herron
John M. Kotchish
Jonathan D. Koltash
Gina P. Kreh
Marc A. Lee
Shawn K. Leppo
Jeffrey D. Lobach
John J. Luciani
Natalia Lyckowski
William F. McQuade
Hon. Ronald E. Miller
Harold W. Nightwine
James B. Pannebaker
Hon. Todd R. Platts
Cody Rager
Mark S. Robertson
Joseph Robinson
Justin Schneider
Lance E. Smith
Robert A. Smith
Thomas A. Steckbeck
Martin L. Strine
Michael V.Z. Summers
Jan L. Wagner
M. Arthur Williams
David F. Wyrwas

District Chairs

Battlefield Robert A. Smith
Conococheague Marc A. Lee
Heritage Trail Gina Kreh
Keystone Capital Daniel K. “Chip” Bayer
Pioneer Justin Eberly

How to Contact Our Volunteer Council Officers

If you’d like to directly contact one of our volunteer council officers, please use the contact form below, selecting the officer you wish to communicate with using the drop-down menu provided in the form.

Please keep in mind that Council officers and members of the Executive Board are charged with the overall governance of the organization. The Council’s day-to-day operations are managed by members of the Council’s staff.

If your message requires an immediate response, please contact the appropriate member of our staff. Please refer to our staff directory at or use this contact form – to contact a member of our staff.

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