Community Service

GoodTurnforAmerica4Good Turn for America Service Projects

All Scouts and families throughout the New Birth of Freedom Council are encouraged to participate in the annual Good Turn for America campaign.  This program is part of the Boy Scouts of America’s nationwide call to service.  The Good Turn for America program has three elements:

Scouting for Food takes place each November on two consecutive Saturdays.  On the first Saturday, Scouts are asked to distribute door hangers in their neighborhoods.  These hangers explain the collection and ask that food items be donated.  On the second Saturday, Scouts return to homes where hangers were left and collect donations.  These items are then given to local food banks.

The Blood Drive happens over several dates annually during January and February where units have an opportunity to support one or more local blood drives.  Scouts and their families are encouraged to recruit friends to donate blood to the American Red Cross at one of several organized blood drives in the area.

The Collection for Shelters is a program similar to Scouting for Food where Scouts and families are asked to collect donations in their neighborhoods.  On the first Saturday, Scouts will distribute door hangers in their neighborhoods.  On the second Saturday of the campaign, Scouts are asked to collect the donated items and deliver them to a central collection site in each district.

To register for the 2022 Scouting for Food and Shelter Drive and order Doorhangers please use this link,  this link will shutdown on October 1st.

Keeping Track of Those Journey to Excellence Service Hours

jteEnter Service Hours Online

The New Birth of Freedom Council, in conjunction with the National Council, has a convenient, online way to track all those service hours logged by units.

Every unit performs service, whether they realize it or not.  Many units do things like annual clean-ups or service projects for their chartered organizations or the school they are associated with.  Plus they participate in campaigns like Scouting for Food, the shelter drive and blood drives.

It is important for all units to track their service hours so that as a Scouting movement, we can show our communities the positive impact our youth members are making.

You can enter your unit’s service hours at

Reaching for Gold

As part of Scouting’s Journey to Excellence, please note that all units must enter their service hours at this site.

You will need a code to enter your hours.  This code is the same one used for reporting advancement online.  If you have questions or difficulty logging your hours, please contact your district executive or district Good Turn for America chair.