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Popcorn and Nuts Sale


Place your Take Order Popcorn Order Here

Place your Take Order Nuts Order Here

Outstanding Seller Form

The New Birth of Freedom Council is pleased to offer the 2019 Popcorn and Nuts Sale for units to fund their programs and to help financially support their local council.   This fundraiser is held annually each fall, and is a ready-made, turn-key, simple product sale that offers up to 40% commission to participating units.

This Sale Strengthens Both Units and Your Council!

In addition to the funds that will directly benefit units, the proceeds of this sale provide critical financial resources that the New Birth of Freedom Council depends upon to reinvest in providing service and support to units, such as providing two fully-staffed service centers with two Scout Shops in Mechanicsburg and York, four camping properties, a full-time professional staff, accident and liability insurance, council-wide activities and trainings, and much more.

By participating in this product sale, your unit helps build a strong and healthy local unit and local council, which will both build strong and healthy Scouts who will become tomorrow’s leaders!

2019 Vendors

For the upcoming Popcorn and Nuts Sale the New Birth of Freedom Council, BSA is please to announce that Whitley’s Peanuts will be returning again as our nuts vendor and Camp Masters will be our popcorn vendor!

Working with Camp Masters in 2018 was a great success!  Units and consumers alike were excited about the quality of the product in taste and appearance!  We are excited to again be partnering with Camp Masters.  70% of every can or box of popcorn stays local and supports Scouting right here in south-central Pennsylvania!

Whitley’s Peanuts have now become a mainstay of the fall product sale.  The quality and freshness of their products are in popular demand for both Show and Sell and Take Order alike!  


Camp Masters offers great tasting products, and most of them are available in attractive TINS.   Prices are competitive and reflect the quality of their product all while helping to support Scouting.  Most of Whitley’s products that were offered last year are available again this year with the addition of the new Hot Jalapeño Ranch!



Sale Calendar

Please note the early deadlines for the Show and Sell Sale order!

  • June 20 – Camp Masters Exclusive Leader Motivational Training, Featuring Michael Beck
  • June 27 – Popcorn and Nuts Rally – Carlisle
  • July 9 – Popcorn and Nuts Rally – Hershey
  • July 10 – Popcorn and Nuts Rally – York
  • July 23 – Show and Sell Sale Orders Due
  • August 16 – Show and Sell Sale Product Distribution and Start of the Sale!
  • October 16-19 – Show and Sell Sale Product Returns
  • October 23 – Take Order Sale Orders Due
  • October 23 – Prize Orders and Outstanding Seller Forms Due
  • November 8 – Take Order Sale Product Distribution
  • December 6 – Payments Due

Take Order Sale Orders

Place your Unit Take Order Sale POPCORN Order here.

Place your Unit Take Order Sale NUTS Order here.

Order deadline is Wednesday, October 23, 2019.  Products will be distributed on Friday, November 8th.  Your unit Popcorn and Nuts Kernel will be notified where to pick up your product shortly after the order deadline.  

Unit Commissions

Units earned up to 40% on all product sales!  Click on the link to view unit commissions.

Motivational Leader Training and Rallies Help You Organize Your Sale Using Best Practices

Units are able to attend one of our four Popcorn and Nuts Rallies in June and July to earn an additional 2% commission.  The main theme of three local rallies will be sharing best practices from successful units to help your unit have its best sale ever!  See the information below for the details regarding each one.  Units may register for the rally they wish to attend when they register for the sale.  

Units may attend any rally, but we encourage as many units to attend both the Exclusive Motivational Leader Training Featuring Michael Beck and a local rally.  Order forms, product samples, Unit Guidebooks and other important sale information will be distributed.

Camp Masters Exclusive Motivational Leader Training – Featuring Michael Beck

It is highly recommended that all participating units try to attend this very special opportunity to learn how to significantly increase their sale results.  Camp Masters has arranged for Michael Beck to share his proven techniques with us.  Last year, units that attended last year sold a combined $54,000 more than they sold they year before, which is an average increase of $1,300 per unit! See why your unit should attend Exclusive Michael Beck Training.

Who should attend?  Popcorn and Nuts Kernel, Key Unit Leaders, Senior Patrol Leader, and if you would like to bring some of your top selling Scouts or most excited Scouts they are welcome too.
Why should I attend?  Michael Beck has developed a method and technique for helping Scouts raise money to support their Scouting year.  His techniques which have been refined and tested have helped Pack and Troop 111 to accomplish $80,000 in popcorn sales within 3 weekends.  In addition to being the parent of 2 Scouts, Michael is Director of Sales for 20th Century Fox, CEO/President of Classic Plastic Inc & Imajico Inc., and an active Merit Badge Counselor.
Michael will help you:
  • Increase Parental Involvement
  • Increase Confidence in your Scouts
  • Help Scouts develop higher Self Esteem
  • Develop Better Leadership Skills
  • Develop Better Public Speaking Skills
  • Give new volunteers the confidence to succeed
  • Stop the emphasis on fundraising
  • Help Lead Scouts and Parents through training
You will also receive:
  • Product Samples
  • Your Unit’s Sale’s Kit
  • Order Forms for Popcorn and Nuts
  • Unit Guidebook for the Sale

The event will take place on Thursday, June 20th at 7:00pm at Frey Hall 110 Alexander Auditorium at Messiah College, located at One College Avenue, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055.  

To get to Frey Hall and Alexander Auditorium (Messiah College Parking Map):

  1. Enter Campus through the Main Entrance and turn RIGHT.  (Look for New Birth of Freedom Council Signs)
  2. Follow that road until you get to where you can turn LEFT.  On the map, you will see Visitor Parking marking “VV”.  This is the best place to park.  There will be some parking available if you continue up that road to the section labeled “YY”.  
  3. Once parked, you can proceed up the hill to the building labeled “16” on the map.  
  4. Check in is in the lobby area and you will be directed to the auditorium

Local Popcorn and Nuts Rallies

This year we will again offer 3 local Popcorn and Nut Rallies.  These rallies are designed to get into the nuts and bolts of this year’s sale.  All units are encouraged to attend both events.

Who should attend?  Popcorn and Nuts Kernel, Key Unit Leaders, Senior Patrol Leader, and if you would like to bring some of your top selling Scouts or most excited Scouts they are welcome too. 
Why should I attend? Each of these sessions will get into key details about the sale.  They will last about an hour and a half and will include:
  • Training on Show and Sell and Wagon Dragging/Show and Deliver Selling Techniques
  • Technology Information-Square/Pay Anywhere Credit Card Sales, Online Sales, and Using Social Media
  • Kick offs, Incentives/Fun Stuff and Prizes
  • How to Place Your Order, How to Know What to Order, and The New Camp Master’s Ordering System
You will also receive:
  • Product Samples
  • Your Unit’s Sale’s Kit
  • Order Forms for Popcorn and Nuts
  • Unit Guidebook for the Sale
  • And tons of other great resources to help your sale be a success!

Carlisle Popcorn and Nuts Rally – Thursday, June 27, 2019 – 6:30pm – Otterbein UMC, 647 Forge Road, Carlisle

Hershey Popcorn and Nuts Rally – Tuesday, July 9, 2019 – 7:00pm – Hershey Library, 701 Cocoa Avenue, Hershey, PA

York Popcorn and Nuts Rally – Wednesday, July 10, 2019 – 7:00pm – York Service Center, 2139 White Street, York, PA


Prize Incentive Program 

The Prize Incentive Program available to units is through the National Supply Division of the BSA. View the 2019 prize order form.

Prizes for all Scouts 

Scouts selling $650 or more will received a $25 gift card to the Mechanicsburg or York Scout Shop.

Scouts selling $1,000 or more received two tickets to a Hershey Bears Game.

Scouts selling $1,500 or more received two passes to HersheyPark OR a $50 Amazon Gift Card.



Any Scout selling at least one popcorn item will receive a 2019 Popcorn Sales patch.

Any Scout selling at least one nuts item received a 2019 Nuts Sale Patch.

Camp Masters High Achiever Prizes 

Camp Masters has rewards to motivate and congratulate Scouts who sell $3,000 and up!

Top Selling Scouts

The top five selling Scouts in the New Birth of Freedom Council will received a $500, $400, $300, $200 and $100 Amazon Gift Card respectively.

Popcorn and Nuts Sale Resources 

Visit this page to view resources that will help your unit have a successful sale.

Popcorn and Nuts Sale Committee

Visit this page to contact members of our Council Popcorn and Nuts Committee to assist you with any questions you might need answered.