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Scouts BSA Summer Camp – Hidden Valley Camp Tuckahoe

Scouts BSA summer camp at either Hidden Valley Scout Reservation or Camp Tuckahoe is designed to be the highlight of an exciting year in Scouting. It’s a time to delight in the outdoors, to learn new skills, to forge new alliances and to have fun with friends. From the newest Tenderfoot to the most experienced older Scout, a week-long summer camp experience is the adventure that puts the “outing” in Scouting.

Hidden Valley and Tuckahoe both offer all Scouts the finest in long-term Scout camping. Scouts will enjoy an outstanding Scouting environment and will develop leadership and outdoor skills, as well as achieving advancement and having fun with other Scouts.

Carefully-selected, well-qualified and dedicated camp staffs are available at Hidden Valley and Tuckahoe to help the leadership of all troops to carry out a super camping experience. Our goal is to balance the right amount of fun, training and adventure.

We warmly welcome all troops interested in traveling to Hidden Valley or Tuckahoe from outside the New Birth of Freedom Council who are looking for someplace special for summer camp for their Scouts!

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