Submitting PA Background Checks

Once you get the certifications of the background checks, please be sure to make several copies of each. They are good for five years, and other youth-serving organizations where you volunteer may need them as well. Be sure to hold onto the originals – so you can make additional copies as needed. (Pennsylvania waives the fee for the background checks only once every 57 months.  So if you lose the copies before then, you would have to pay to get a new set to provide to a new organization)

Next, you’ll need to figure out who needs a copy. New Birth of Freedom Council does. Your chartering organization may and your unit might. Your unit leadership can help you figure that out. 

Here are several ways any individual could submit the background check certifications or waivers:

I'm A Current Adult Updating Clearances

  • Suppose you are a new adult volunteer and wish to submit your clearances electronically. In that case, you need to upload your clearance paperwork to the Council (as PDF files or high-quality images) at or by clicking on the button directly below. Once you are issued a BSA ID number in our registration system, you will be able to use the Clearance Management Portal for your clearances in the future.

I'm A New Adult Submitting Clearances

  • You could mail a copy of the certifications to New Birth of Freedom Council, BSA, Background Checks, 1 Baden Powell Lane, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050.
  • You could bring a copy of the certifications to either the Mechanicsburg or York Council Service Centers. If you bring the original credentials, we will be glad to copy and give the originals back to you.
  • You could email a scan or high-quality picture of your clearances to
  • A member of our staff will review your submitted clearances within two business days.  You will receive an email message from the Council letting your know if your clearance was approved or if additional information will be needed.

New Birth of Freedom Council will update the key unit leaders on who has submitted their certifications from their unit. Some units may also give specific instructions on submitting the certifications.

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