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Popcorn and Nuts Sale Resources

Listed below are resources available to help your unit to have a very successful Popcorn and Nuts Sale.  Please check back periodically for updates to the page.

2019 Unit Guidebookcontains all the essentials about the 2019 Popcorn and Nuts Sale.  

Camp Masters Websitelots oof useful resources and information from Camp Masters Popcorn.  This is where units will enter their popcorn product order as well.

Free Card Readers through Pay Anywhere – Camp Masters has partnered with Pay Anywhere to offer units up to 4 FREE card readers to accept credit card payments for just 2.69%, with no setup or monthly fees!  Get started for free!

Camp Masters Ordering System Instructions an introduction for unit leaders on how to place unit popcorn orders.  

Camp Masters Online SaleScouts can create their own accounts and sell popcorn online!

Camp Masters Sales Tools – Check out these sales tools from Camp Masters to help grow your sale!

Selling and Safety Tips – follow these important tips from Camp Masters and share with your Scouts, leaders and parents to have a successful sale.

Show & Sell Tips – follow these important tips and share with your Scouts, leaders and parents to have an outstanding Show & Sell Sale.

Goal Setting Worksheet – goal setting is one of the most important steps to having a successful sale.  Whether it is setting a goal for a prize or a particular activity having Scouts set and track their goals is a great motivator.  

Show & Sell Location Request Letter –  sample letter to businesses to use for requesting a location for Show & Sells.

Show & Sell Location Thank You Letter – sample thank you letter to thank businesses for allowing the use of their location.

Unit Popcorn & Nuts Sales Planuse this one-page resource to outline your plan to have a successful sale.

Scout Accounts – information from National Council, BSA that clarifies the private benefit rules of the IRS as they relate to individual youth accounts.  

Popcorn & Nuts Sale Unit Kickoff Presentation   Contains slides in PDF format that units can use to promote the Popcorn and Nuts Sale to their Scouting families. 

Camp Masters Popcorn Product Order Form – a PDF version of the order form for Camp Masters products.  

Whitley’s Peanuts Order Forma PDF version of the order form for Whitley’s Peanuts Factory products.

Quantity/Retail Price for Cases Sheetshows how many containers are in a case and the retail value of each.  Useful with planing your unit product order.  

Unit Prize Program Form – check out all the GREAT prizes Scouts can earn through the BSA’s prize program! 

Prize Order Instructionsdetailed document for unit kernels that explains how to enter prize orders.  

Military Donation Receipt – provide these to your customers to thank them for their donation and to acknowledge their purchase.  

Product Transfer Formcomplete this form when exchanging any product to/from the Council and with another Unit.   

Camp Masters Product Information – images and nutritional information about all Camp Master products.

Whitley’s Product Informationimages and nutritional information about all Whitley’s products.

Whitley’s Online Order– instructions on how to have customers order product online.