Pinewood Derby




Pinewood Derby

2020 Heritage Trails District Pinewood Derby

Attention All Cub Scouts in the Heritage Trails District!  Did your Pack have their Pinewood Derby Races this past Spring or was it cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus?  Well, don’t worry – the Heritage Trails District has rescheduled the 2020 District Pinewood Derby for Saturday, OCTOBER 3, 2020.  This year’s District Pinewood Derby will be open to all Scouts for Den Level Races.  In addition, anyone (Scout, Sibling or Adult) can enter in the Einstein Race, Demolition Derby and/or the Outlaw Races.  The District Pinewood Derby will be open to the first 100 registrants.  Submit your application to race on Tentaroo.  The Den level races are $6.00 per car and the Einstein, Demolition and Outlaw Races are $5.00 per race type.  You are more than welcome to enter to race in more than one category.  Entrants must be submitted on Tentaroo by Friday, September 25, 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 virus more details will be made available once we get closer to the event as far as times for races and safety precautions.  Keep a look out on the New Birth of Freedom website and the Heritage Trails Facebook Page for updates and more information.  Cars can be checked in starting Friday, OCTOBER 2, 2020 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and also Saturday morning prior to your Den race.  You will race in the Den that you would have raced in the Spring 2020.  If you were Bear in the Spring 2020, you will race your car in the Bear Den Race at the District race, for example.  The event will be held at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church at 45 – 1st Avenue B, Red Lion, PA 17356.  You do not need to be present for your car to race.  It is recommended that Scouts and Leaders that are present during the races wear their Class “A” field uniforms.  The races will be live streamed on Zoom the day of race for those that wish to watch from home.

2020 HT PWD Registration Form



Please note that all the RULES documents still reflect March 28; these are still the correct forms anyway.

2020 IRD Official PWD District Rules & Guidelines

2020 District Pinewood Demolition Derby Rules

2020 Einstein Derby Rules

2020 Outlaw Derby Rules