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When is Scout Sunday 2020? What about Scout Sabbath and Scout Jumuah?

When it comes to the Scout Law, last is certainly not least. Being “reverent” is a year-round part of a Scout’s life, but there’s one time each year when the connection between Scouting and faith takes on even more significance. It’s Scout Sunday, held every February. The annual celebration gives Scouts a highly visible way to...

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Rechecks Of Criminal Backgrounds Explained

You might have seen an email announcing that the Boy Scouts of America will be performing periodic rechecks of criminal backgrounds of all volunteers. Without dedicated volunteers, Scouting wouldn’t be the great, life-changing program it is today. You help make Scouting happen. You can also help make Scouting a safe place for our Scouts. The...

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BSA Reinstates Heroism Award

The Boy Scouts of America has reinstated the Heroism Award, filling a gap between the Honor Medal, presented for attempting to save a life with “considerable risk to self” and the Medal of Merit, which honors Scouting service but does not require a lifesaving attempt. The Heroism Award was first presented in 1977 and...

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Could Spending Time Outside Help You Live Longer?

Going camping or hiking with Scouts or Venturers isn’t merely a fun, fulfilling way to spend a weekend. It may also help you feel better, sleep more soundly and live longer. A massive study published last month by the University of East Anglia in England concludes that exposure to the outdoors reduces your risk for...

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