Friends of Scouting

Annually, Scout districts in local councils conduct a family enrollment campaign among the parents of Scouts and volunteer leaders as part of their total Friends of Scouting strategy. District and unit volunteers conduct the campaign in order to give all Scout families the opportunity to support the local Scouting program.

What is Friends of Scouting and why is it so important to contribute to the annual Friends of Scouting Campaign?

Two great questions! Friends of Scouting (FOS) is the annual giving campaign of the New Birth of Freedom Council, BSA, which provides the necessary funds to ensure a quality Scouting program for youth. More specifically, by supporting FOS, you help us keep:

  • The cost of our camps affordable
  • Our Service Centers and camping facilities in top condition
  • Our promise of a quality Scouting experience to your son and others in Scouting

The Friends of Scouting Campaign is a vital component to the programs and services of the New Birth of Freedom Council. The money raised through Friends of Scouting offsets cost of training leaders, operating camps and our service center, as well as providing other resources to Cub Packs and Scout Troops throughout our council.

It cost the council $150 to provide a quality scouting experience for one Scout in the program per year. Parents of Scouts and community members play a vital role in the annual Friends of Scouting campaign by contributing money based on their interest in the program and their ability to give to this important component of the Scouting program.

At this year’s charter turn-in day in November we will be asking for a date for a Friends of Scouting presentation at your unit’s biggest gathering (typically the Blue and Gold Banquet or a Troop Court of Honor) between the start of the new year and March 31st. The presentation, which takes about 10 minutes to conduct, informs parents and leaders of all council services, its financial needs and extends an opportunity to help fulfill the need.