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Pinewood Derby


Pinewood Derby


It was a great time at this year’s event where 14 Packs and more than 70 Cub Scouts participated!

A Special thanks to Rusty, Troop/Pack 168 and the American Legion for their hard work and generosity!!

Here are the Final Results for the 2018 Pioneer District Pinewood Derby!

First Place:Pack 300 Cyrus S.

Second place: Evan W. from Pack 279

Third place: Lathan N. from Pack 39

Forth place: Henry B. from Pack 300

Fifth place: Jordan H. from Pack 180


By Rank:

Tiger winner was Jordan H. Pack 180

Wolf winner was Lathan N. Pack 39

Bear winner was Cryus S. Pack 300

Webelos winner was Evan. Pack 279

Arrow of Light winner was Henry B. Pack 300

Congratulations to all the winners and participants!   Great job and keep racing!!