Timber Cutting at Hidden Valley – Volunteers Needed



A new timbering project is now underway at Hidden Valley to remove tall, dangerous old-growth trees from campsites.  Having been planted in the 60’s many of the trees have reached full maturity. As the trees mature the tops of the trees break off or drop branches posing a risk to campers.  Over the past few years, we have had an increasing number of seemingly healthy trees uprooted. Once our loggers have finished working in a campsite, we will be stump grinding and looking for volunteers to help restore the campsite. Part of the restoration effort will involve picking up the remaining debris from the treetops and planting new trees in the campsite.

If you or your unit would like to help participate in this spring clean-up effort. Sign up, and we will notify you when campsite clean-up and tree-planting days are scheduled!

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