Camp Cards for Scouts and Families

The 2024 Camp Card Sale is an excellent way to earn your way to summer camp!  We know that every Scout looks forward to summer adventures. We have put together some excellent cards this year that are easy to sell.  Check out the details below about this year’s sale!

Amazing Value

Cards sell for only $5 for in-person cards or $6 for online cards.  There are hundreds of dollars of offers on the card!

A Card for Every Community

This year, we have 4 card types:  Harrisburg Area Card, York Area Card, Gettysburg/Hanover Area Card, and Chambersburg/Shippensburg Area Card.  In addition to these 4 different card types, each card has access to the Saver’s Guide Program, which provides thousands of discounts across the county! Sell cards to friends and family anywhere in the continental United States, and they will enjoy significant local and national savings:





Don’t forget that there are thousands of offers available online through the Digital Savings Membership included with EVERY card.  There are over 500,000 discounts for locations across the county.  This means that family and friends in other parts of the country can benefit, too.  Check out more information here.

Who should buy a Camp Card?

The short answer is that there is something for EVERYONE on the Camp Card.  If you want some help narrowing that down, check out this sheet to help you come up with ideas of who you know who can benefit from a Camp Card purchase!


Parents interested in sharing the great offers on this year’s cards with co-workers may find these order sheets very handy!  Sheets are ideal for taking to work or meetings. A different order sheet design features every card, but every order sheet is suitable for taking orders on all cards:





Great Return to Scouting

Every in-person or online card returns $2.50 per card.  That is a base of 50% commission for every in-person card sold.  For Scouts that are part of a unit that plans to attend a New Birth of Freedom Council Summer Camp in 2024, you can earn $3.00 for every card in a special bonus incentive this year.  For more details, read here.

Virtual Camp Card Sale is Back

Back for 2024 is our Virtual Camp Card Sale!  Paired with the traditional methods of selling Camp Cards, Scouts can sell cards to friends and family through Social Media or email, helping them extend their reach. Check out how to participate in the Virtual Camp Card Sale here.


There are some great prizes as part of the 2024 Camp Card Sale.  There are prizes for individual Scouts as well as whole units!  Please find out more details on our prize program here.