New Birth of Freedom Council Camp Rules

nbof-csp-icon-100Scouts and leaders must uphold all tenets of the Scout Oath and Law. Campers must report all accidents, injuries, or lost persons to the Camp Ranger immediately. Violations of BSA Policies or the following rules may result in the dismissal of individual campers or groups from camp property. Campers are responsible for any damages they cause to camp property.

  1. Vehicles and trailers may be parked only in areas approved by the Camp Ranger.
  2. Golf carts & vehicles may not be used in camp. The Camp Ranger can approve exceptions to this rule to accommodate campers with disabilities or for program support.
  3. The speed limit in camp is 10 mph. Drivers may not transport passengers in truck beds.
  4. Units leaving camp for day trips or hiking must inform the Camp Ranger of their trip plans.
  5. The Camp Ranger must inspect each campsite or cabin and approve its condition before its occupants depart.
  6. Campers must either deposit their trash in the dumpster or take it with them when they depart.
  7. Music and other sounds should not be heard beyond a campsite or cabin. Campers should remain quiet between 10 pm and 7 am.
  8. Campers may build fires in existing campfire rings only. Fires must be attended at all times.
  9. No firewood may be brought into camp from other locations. Campers may not cut any living or standing trees. Camper cannot use power tools in camp to cut firewood.
  10. Campers are not permitted to capture or hunt any animals in camp. Firearms are forbidden.
  11. Do not disable any smoke alarms. Do not move or remove any mattresses or cots from the cabins.
  12. Smoking in camp is prohibited except in the designated smoking area.
  13. At least two adult leaders must be present to supervise campers at all times.
  14. Due to Covid campers must travel with their group. Adults must accompany campers, but no adult should ever be alone with a youth other than his or her son or daughter.
  15. Alcoholic beverages, fireworks, portable generators, and electric or liquid fuel heaters are forbidden.
  16. Secure all valuables. The camp is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.
  17. Campers may not bring pets to camp. Visitors’ pets are restricted to the parking lot and not allowed in camp without the Camp Ranger’s permission.
  18. Campers must avoid maintenance areas, storage facilities, and construction sites.
  19. Due to Covid the camp will not authorize any swimming or boating activities. 
  20. Campers must follow all PA Fish Commission rules. Fishing is prohibited around dams, spillways, or other areas marked off-limits.

All Leaders are expected to follow and enforce all the Camp Rules as outlined above.