Winter Camp Safety Rules

nbof-csp-icon-100In addition to the New Birth of Freedom Council Camp Rules, Scouts and leaders must also adhere to these additional rules during the winter months.

NO HIKING ALONE: All campers are to travel with a buddy at all times. Campers should stay in central camp near camp roads. Hiking the back trails of camp is limited to groups with adult leadership. Scouts are to let adults know where they will be in camp.

CAMP ROADWAY SAFETY: Piled snow along camp roads block visibility for both drivers and campers. Look both ways before stepping on to any camp road.

NO BUILDING OF SNOW CAVES: Building of snow caves in snow piles and drifts is prohibited. Snow piles and drifts are extremely unstable and could easily collapse burying occupants.

NO REMOVING OF HANGING ICE AND SNOW FROM BUILDINGS: Hanging ice and snow from buildings can be very sharp and heavy if it was to fall and hit someone. It could cause injury or death.

NO DRYING CLOTHING ON WOOD STOVES OR HEATERS: Clothing placed directly on wood stoves can melt or burn. Clothing should be placed 12 inches away from all wood stoves.

NO SLEEPING IN VEHICLES WITH ENGINE RUNNING: Sleeping in a vehicle with the engine running is very dangerous and prohibited.

NO FLAMES IN TENTS: No open flames in any tent. The use of different styles of heater can be very dangerous and require ventilation. Heaters are not to be used in enclosed spaces like a tent.

NO WALKING OR SKATING ON ICE AT LAKE OR CREEK: Numerous small springs and streams entering under ice will create thin and dangerous ice.

SLEDDING IN APPROVED AREA ONLY: To avoid injury, campers are only permitted to sled in areas approved by Camp Ranger.

NO PERSONAL HEATERS: Units are not permitted to bring any type of gas or electrical personal heating devises into camp.