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Looking for Lots of Lion Scouts!

With the start of a new school year approaching, we’re getting excited in anticipation of welcoming a whole lot of new Lion Scouts and their families to the Cub Scouting program this fall. As many of you may already know, our council is participating in the nationwide pilot program for kindergarten-age boys. Lion is a...

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Remembering Louis J. Appell, Jr. – A Friend of Scouting

Today, I was supposed to write a thank-you letter to Louis J. Appell, Jr., one of the most philanthropic, community-minded businessmen you’ll ever meet. Yesterday, on the very day that Mr. Appell passed away at age 92, we received another significant contribution from him, this most recent one in support of our after-school Scouting programs...

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Emerald Ash Borer Severely Damaging Trees at Hidden Valley

Several years ago, it was the gypsy moth caterpillar that threatened the health of the trees throughout the region. Now, another invasive species of insect is causing widespread damage in our area and the impact of this infestation is hitting especially hard at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation. The Emerald ash borer (EAB) is an exotic...

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We’re Approved for the Lion Scouts Pilot!

Starting this fall, our council will be participating in the Lion Scouts pilot program (we just received our official approval from national on March 21), which will welcome kindergarten-age boys into the Scouting family for the first time.  It’s an exciting opportunity to grow the Scouting movement and I’ve heard through the grapevine that many...

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On-Line Background Check Submittals and Other Stuff

Thanks to all of our leaders who have already submitted their PA-mandated background clearances using our on-line system.  The on-line submittal process appears to be working very well and provides leaders and parents needing to submit background checks with an easy and convenient means of turning in their paperwork to the council.  You can upload...

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Thanks for a Great Wizard Safari Weekend

A fleet of tractors pulling trailers filled with gear and campers helped get everyone into Wizard Ranch smoothly on Friday evening.

It is not possible to thank everyone enough for the myriad of things, both large and small, they did to help make Wizard Safari 2015 a successful weekend for so many of our council’s youth members.  I know it’s a cliche to say this, but if I tried to list everyone whose efforts were important...

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Trying to Understand All Those Adult Leader Background Checks

Going back to my high school days growing up in Pittsburgh, I was generally aware of how a bill became a law in Pennsylvania, thanks to my social studies teachers.  But I don’t think I ever paid as much attention to a would-be law (introduced as PA House Bill #1276) as that piece of legislation...

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Council Annual Recognition Dinner Reflections

It’s always fun and meaningful whenever our council’s annual volunteer recognition dinner comes around each year.  I spent most of the evening Monday night looking through my camera’s viewfinder taking photos for the event, but one thing that stuck with me was the incredible tenures of many of the Scouters in the room. As part...

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