Lower Dauphin Area School District

School/Neighborhood Sign-Up Date Time Location Packs Involved
Conewago 9/10/23 2:00 pm Scout Complex, 1831 Felker Road, Middletown 97*
East Hanover/Grantville 9/23/23 9:00 am Shells Evangelical Lutheran Church, 287 Shells Church Rd, Granville 362*
Londonderry 9/10/23 2:00 pm Scout Complex, 1831 Felker Road, Middletown 97*
Nye Elementary 9/18/23 6:00 pm Trinity United Methodist Church, 210 West Main Street, Hummelstown 74*
South Hanover 10/18/23 Patriot Park, 161 Patriot Way, Hershey 201*

*Packs marked with an asterisk are family packs, serving both boys and girls.

Most Cub Scout packs hold special sign-up events for new families and attend elementary school open houses (where the school district permits) in their area to provide information and sign-up new members.  If you missed these sign-up events and would like to enroll your son or daughter in Cub Scouting, it’s never too late.

Please visit beascout.org to find Cub Scouts packs near you and contact the pack leaders for more information.  Most Cub Scout packs accept new member applications submitted electronically, which can be submitted through beascout.org.

If you need additional assistance, please use the link below to contact a New Birth of Freedom Council staff member to assist you in locating a Cub Scout pack for your son or daughter.

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