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Southwestern Area School District

School/Neighborhood Sign-Up Date Time Location Packs Involved
Baresville, Manheim and Park Hills Elementary 9/5 6:30 PM St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 127 York St, Hanover 102
Baresville, Manheim and Park Hills Elementary 9/17 6:30 PM St. Joseph’s Catholic School Parking Lot 103*
Baresville, Manheim and Park Hills Elementary 8/27 6:00 PM Young’s Woods, Pavilion #2, 357 Blooming Grove Rd, Hanover 105
West Manheim Elementary 9/20 6:00 PM St. Bartholomew’s Church, 1204 Grand Valley Road, Hanover 118

Most Cub Scout packs will hold a special sign-up event for new events and attend elementary school open houses in their area to provide information and sign-up new members.  If you missed these sign-up events and would like to enroll your son or daughter in Cub Scouting, it’s never too late. Please follow this link to contact a member of the New Birth of Freedom Council staff member to assist you in locating a Cub Scout pack for your son or daughter.

*Packs have both Boy Dens and Girl Dens.  For a full list of Family Packs please follow this link.

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