Camp Cards


The Camp Card Sale is designed to help Scouts earn their way to summer camp, a high adventure base or Cub Scout day camp.

he Camp Card is a “discount card” that offers deals at area businesses to the purchaser.  Participating units and their Scouts will earn at least 50% commission for each card they sell!

A customer can purchase a Camp Card, but they’ll get far more than the purchase price.   If a customer regularly visits any of the stores on the card and uses all of the discounts, they will be receiving all of their money back — plus they will help someone go to summer camp.  This is a low risk fundraiser, as units can return their unsold cards.

There are three different versions of the card, each featuring multiple discount offers that are council-wide as well as some that are specific to areas within our council.  There will be cards focused on these areas of our council: Chambersburg/Gettysburg,  Harrisburg and York.

For More Information about the sale and to register for the sale:  Camp Card Sale