Harrisburg Merit Badge College

The 2021 Harrisburg Merit Badge College
Venue: Virtual via Zoom
Dates: Mar 27th and May 1st, 2021

The primary contact person is: Carlos M Inacio Jr

First Quarter – Posted Schedule and Open Registration

Status as of 23 Feb 2021: Looking for Instructors.  Please contact Carlos M Inacio Jr if interested.

Registration Available:  28th Feb 2021 12:00 pm until 22nd Mar 2021




The Keystone Capital District will be having the
East Shore Merit Badge College.
Please direct any questions to Carlos M Inacio Jr
Merit Badge and Instructor Prerequisites
American Business
Linda Wikel (lindawikel@comcast.net)
Dan Leppo (gratefuldanl@comcast.net)
Please have these requirements completed BEFORE the first session:
Requirements 1: A,B,D, 3 Prepare the 5 minute speech TO PRESENT AT FIRST SESSION, 7
Citizenship in the Community
Bradley Meloy (bradmeloy@comcast.net)
Read the book – the merit badge pamphlet – it will guide you on all the requirements. You will have to use other resources but the pamphlet is the place to start. Be sure to have your name and troop # on each document you need to submit. We will do Requirements 1, 2, 6 and 7 at the first session, but you will need to know what you will do for the other requirements so we can discuss next steps at the first session. Requirement 1 – come to the first session ready to discuss what Citizenship is in your own words. Requirement 2 – Do printouts of maps with things marked and bring them along. You can hit Print Screen to get a copy of your screen to paste into a Word document. It’s an easy way to get just what you want. It is okay to write in the places with a pen on the printed sheet. Do the local government organization chart. Be sure to cover all offices at the level and to note if the person is elected or appointed (and by whom). Requirement 3 – attend a meeting, take note of an issue they are considering (we will talk about it at our second college session under requirement 3b). Now is a good time to attend so you have time to think about 3b. Requirement 4 – figure out which issue you will do and who you will interview. I will approve the idea and interviewee when I hear it at the first session so you may actually do the work for the second session. Requirement 5 – Same as 4, choose a movie to watch so I may approve it at the first session for you to report on at the second session. I suggest you have a list of at least three movies. I would like each scout to choose something different from other scouts, if possible, that is why I’d like you to have a list of at least three movies. Requirement 6 – Do this list now as we will discuss at the first session. Requirement 7 – We will do at the first session. This is going to take a bit to do. You need to talk to someone at an organization, so you may have to do that right after school as a number of these may close after 5 PM. Be sure to have your parent’s permission to do so. Requirement 8 – This one will also require a bit of doing, so while you will present it at the second session, you should begin on it now.
Citizenship in the Nation
Dan Schadel (schadel01@frontiernet.net)
Obtain the merit badge pamphlet (paperback or digital) & print out the merit badge workbook at usscouts.org Please bring both along to your session. Complete requirements 1, 2, 3 & 8. Choose a speech for requirement 6 approved by your parent or guardian & complete it as well. Use the workbook to record your information & be prepared to discuss these completed requirements during your session. We will cover the remaining requirements during your session.
Citizenship in the World
Jeff Connelly
Citizenship in the World is an Eagle Scout merit badge that focuses on the meaning of citizenship in the world as it is contrasted with US Citizenship.  During this course, Scouts will discuss the meaning of citizenship, the differences of rights, duties, and obligations of foreign citizens, and how world events affect countries around the world.  We will discuss national and international law, as well international organizations that play important roles in overseeing these laws.  The course includes the comparisons of various forms of government.  The first session will be strictly academic, with credit given for active participation.  The second session will involve the Scouts providing summaries of their homework research.  The three homework assignments to be ready by the second session are: (1) pick a country and write about the similarities and differences of their rights, duties, and responsibilities compared to US citizens (Requirement 2); (2) pick a country (could be the same) and report on how its geography, natural resources, and climate affect its economy and international partnerships (Requirement 3.b.); and (3) describe a world organization and its role in the international system (Requirement 4.c.).
Marlene Sherwin (marti.sherwin@gmail.com)
David Klees and Ray Scarazzo
There are no prerequisites for taking the genealogy merit badge.  However, the genealogy counselors have several tips for you to read before you sign up for the genealogy merit badge —

Your family situation will not prevent your earning the genealogy merit badge.  If you are adopted and have no idea of the identity of your biological parents, you do not know who your biological father is, etc., please talk with your genealogy counselors, who will work out something with you so that you can earn the genealogy merit badge.
It is assumed that each Scout has access to a scanner for scanning and emailing 8 1/2″ x 11″ homework documents.  Emailed photographs of homework documents are acceptable if they are clearly legible; your counselors should not have to strain to read emailed photographs of your homework.
For requirement 4b:
“Obtain at least one genealogical document that supports an event that is or can be recorded on your pedigree chart or family group record.”
This document does not have to be old and spectacular.  A scanned copy of the Scout’s own birth certificate is acceptable.
One of your genealogy counselors, David Klees, dabbled as a professional genealogist for 25 years and will fulfill requirement 5b with you:
“Contact ONE of the following individuals or institutions. . . .:  A professional genealogist (someone who gets paid for doing genealogical research)”
When your counselors have received the final rosters for the genealogy classes, you will be receiving two emails, with the following in the subject lines:
“from David Klees — documents for requirement 4a”
“from David Klees — written homework for genealogy merit badge”
If you have any questions or would like anything clarified, before signing up for the genealogy merit badge, please email both counselors:
Marlene Sherwin (marti.sherwin@gmail.com)
Dr. Lia Belanger (liabbook@comcast.net)
Personal Fitness
Carlos M Inacio Jr (cinaciojr@gmail.com)
No Prerequisites, we will be utilizing Scoutbook Merit Badge process to sign off on the badges and processing of blue cards. You may do Requirement 6 prior to the first session if you like.
Linda Wikel (lindawikel@comcast.net)
Scouting Hertiage
Michael Sargent (michaelsargent@verizon.net)