Getting Started with Scoutbook

There are TONS of great resources for getting started with Scoutbook, but sometimes more can just be confusing.  If you are a DIY type, you can read numerous posts and blogs that contain great ideas on how Scoutbook can work for your unit.  The best place to get resources is  This site is an official BSA site and administered by the Scoutbook User Advisory Council-experts in how Scoutbook works.  

To help get your unit started, we have compiled some of the most important data and have compiled it in as easy as a format as possible.  The video above is a great walkthrough for units just starting out.  If you’d like a text, step-by-step version of how to get started, check our guide out below.  We will be adding and updating to this page to help your unit become more familiar with how Scoutbook works.  

Getting Started with Scoutbook

Scoutbook uses a Single Sign On, which means that users create a single account that can be used for multiple interfaces including Scoutbook.  Leaders that have a account will use those same credentials to get signed into Scoutbook.  For parents and Scouts who do not have a account, your unit leader will be able to “Invite” you to the unit account where you will be provided with credentials.  

For more information on how Single Sign On works visit follow this link.


Scoutbook allows the unit to keep track of Scout’s advancements and also creates reports for the Scout Shop to purchase completed advancements.  Check out these 3 great resources on Advancement.

Printing an Advancement Report for the Scout Shop

Cub Scout Advancement Process

Scouts BSA Advancement Process