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On Lord Baden-Powell’s tombstone, there is a simple circle with a dot in the middle.  This image is a trail sign used in the early 1900s to show other hikers that you had reached the end of the trail.  That they had made it home.

We now use this same symbol to show respect to our fellow Scouters who have passed away.

If you are aware of any member of our scouting family that has gone home, please click here to include them on this page.

The e-mail me form will ask for a name, scouting position, date called home and a photo.  If you have any questions regarding the in memoriam, contact Rebekah Schardt at Rebekah.Schardt@scouting.org.

Gone Home 2020

David Myers

Born: 11/11/1932

Gone Home: 02/11/2020

Scouting History:

  • Eagle Scout Troop 105 12/03/1956
  • Scoutmaster Troop 110 1959 – 1965
  • Asst Scoutmaster Troop 110 1965 to time of Death
  • Round table commissioner 8 years Conewago District

Full obituary is available here.

Gone Home 2019

Daniel Bobb, Jr.

Born: 07/27/1968

Gone Home: 07/27/2019

Scouting History:

  • Committee member in Troop 203
  • Committee member in Pack 203

Full obituary is available here.

Harry Hoover

Born: 03/03/1936

Gone Home: 08/19/2019

Scouting History:

  • Troop 68 Scoutmaster, Troop Committee Chair, Committee Member (total 54 years of service)

Full obituary is available here.

Robert Wagner

Born: 01/24/1942

Gone Home: 11/14/2019

Scouting History:

  • Bob was active in Boy Scouts where he was an Eagle Scout, served as a Cub Master for Pack 48, and as Scout Master for Troop 48 in Glen Rock.
  • He was a Silver Beaver Recipient.
  • He also served as an Administrator with the BSA in Bradford, PA.

Full obituary is available here.

Deborah Barisch

Born: 10/19/1964

Gone Home: 02/08/2019

Scouting History:

  • Committee Chairperson for Troop 256
  • District Award of Merit Recipient.
  • Scouter’s Training Award Recipient.
  • Order of the Arrow member and Vigil Honor Recipient.
  • Wood Badge Class N6-544-13
  • Wood Badge instructor.

Full obituary is available here.

Durrell Moore

Born: 03/09/1925

Gone Home: 01/05/2019

Scouting History:

  • Durrell was an Advancement Coordinator with Troop 79 YAAC now NBOF. He was also involved with a troop in the DC area when he worked with NASA. He was a WW2 vet, drafted at 17 while a scout in the Raystown Lake area.
  • He was a lifelong Boy Scout, having participated in scouting activities at his long-time home in Greenbelt, Md., as well as in a troop in Gettysburg, Pa. He joined his scout troops on camping activities well into his 80s.

Full obituary is available here.

Thomas Minchin

Born: 06/29/1947

Gone Home: 10/09/2019

Scouting History:

  • Tom was a scout for 50+ years.  He worked for BSA in the New York Council and the Ten Mile River Camp.  He was a Scout Master for a special needs troop in NYC.  When Tom moved to Central PA he became a member of Troop 203. He was active with the district and council also. Tom received the District Award of Merit from NY and PA. He received his Silver Beaver in NY.
    He was also a proud Wood Badger.

Full obituary is available here.

Gone Home 2018

Deacon John A Mowery, Jr

Gone Home: 12/20/2018

Scouting History:

  • Scoutmaster
  • Troop 192 and Crew 515, Committee Chair
  • Hidden Valley Camp Staff: Program Director, Aquatics Director, Camp Director, Camp Commissioner.

Notable Moments in Scouting: National Camp School Director, Vigil Honor Member, St. George Award Recipient, Sliver Beaver Recipient, Distinguished Commissioner Award

The full obituary is available here.

Melanie Vener

Gone Home: 12/27/2018

Scouting History:

  • Troop 88, Committee Member

The full obituary is available here.



William A. Hersh

Born: 6/16/1933

Gone Home: 11/22/2018

Scouting History:

  • Council Advancement Chair
  • Executive Board Member
  • Chartered Organization Representative, Pack, Troop, and Team 283

The full obituary is available here.


Donald M. Fry

Born: 5/17/1932

Gone Home: 6/23/2018

Scouting History:

  • Troop 68: Assistant Scoutmaster, Unit Commissioner, Troop Committee Member
  • Troop 196: Institutional Representative, Scouting Coordinator

Notable Moments in Scouting: Silver Beaver Award (1990); Vigil Honor Order of the Arrow; Order of the Arrow (2015), Centurion Award Recipient; Friends of Hidden Valley, Founding Member.

Full obituary is available here.

Raymond Weaver

Born: 2/25/1972

Gone Home: 6/1/2018

Scouting History:

  • Pack 252 – Tiger Adult
  • Pack 37 – Tiger Den Leader, Webelos Leader


Dale Williams

Born: 5/26/1947

Gone Home: 4/18/2018

Scouting History:

  • Troop 626 and Troop 629 – Scoutmaster
  • Professional Scouter – Morraine Trails Council, Del-Mar-Va council, Knox Trail Council, Keystone Area Council

Notable Moments in Scouting: Vigil Honor, Order of the Arrow; James E. West Fellow; Professional Knot Recipient; Wood Badge; District Award of Merit Recipient.