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Our Annual Recharter Cycle has opened and below we have important resources for all of our units in support of the recharter process.

Access Internet Rechartering System Here

Recharter Turn In Dates and Locations

New for 2019! – The New Youth Protection Training is required of ALL adults registered on the recharter (excluding the Executive Officer/Institution Head as long as that is the only position they hold).  In prior years, the chartered was able to be completed with a warning message about leaders who still needed to complete training.  This year, you WILL NOT be able to complete the recharter if leaders have expired Youth Protection Training.  It is important to make sure that all of your leaders are trained before you begin the recharter process.  For more information on how to check if your leaders are 100% trained in Youth Protection or to find out how to take the training you can find information here

$3 Insurance Fee – It was announced in October that starting with this year’s recharter there would be an additional $3 insurance fee for each registered individual.  The additional fee is automatically calculated as part of your recharter.  For more information on the $3 fee, please follow this link.  

Logging In

If this is your first time using the system, we hope that you will find it user friendly and that the system enhancements will aid you in the smooth completion of this year’s charter.


  • Improved navigation for Online Recharter System
  • EVERYONE is considered a First Time User and must register to enter the Internet Rechartering system.  After initial registration, you will enter the system as a Returning User
  • Access Codes provided to members of the Unit Key 3
  • Ability to Promote Members within Chartered Organization Family or with unit access code
  • Youth Protection Training will be required for each volunteer on the recharter
  • Electronic Signature Approval Option
  • Electronic Payment Option

Tutorial – With the features of electronic signatures and payments, a Step-by-Step guide has been provided for the recharter process with great screenshots.  You can use the guide by downloading it at Internet Recharter Tutorial.  

Recharter Packet – The items listed below were supplied to each unit electronically.  Additional copies may be downloaded here, and they can be shared with unit personnel working on the recharter.

  • Unit Recharter Booklet 2019 – Step-by-step instructions
  • Recharter Sheet – Use this document when calculating total fees due and required items.
  • Leader Roster with training and background check validation information (provided in hard copy per unit)
  • 2018 Journey to Excellence Scorecard – Each unit is provided with a copy of the appropriate Journey to Excellence Scorecard.  Scorecards should be submitted when you return your charter.

Websites & Support

  • Recharter Website – This website gives you access to the recharter website, a tutorial, and additional instructions.
  • Youth Protection – This website has a Q&A about Youth Protection Training and links to the online course.
  • My.Scouting Tools – This site allows units to view and update training records.  Note: BSA My.Scouting login required; this is separate from the recharter processing system.

Access Codes – Each unit has its own access code, which was sent to the Key 3 (Chartered Organization Representative, Committee Chair, and Key Leader-Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Advisor, Skipper). If you can’t find yours or you’ve misplaced it, please contact your district executive or district commissioner.