It’s Time to Recharter!

It’s time for the traditional annual recharter process, where units submit BSA registration fees for all Scouts and adult leaders. 

How It Works

A representative from each unit will be identified as the renewal processor. This individual will log in to the Internet Rechartering 2.0 module to complete the unit’s charter through the BSA’s Internet Advancement portal. The process will identify returning members, add new members, and update information for unit members.

How To Renew Your Charter

  • The unit leader, chartered organization representative, committee chairman, or unit Key 3 designee logs on to start and complete the process.
  • Once completed, print the charter and payment page and bring it to your district’s recharter turn-in day for review and forwarding to the Council for processing.
  • Be sure to submit your charter and include all new member applications, the correct fees (one check or unit account authorization)
  • You can also contact your District Executive or District Director for help.

Please Use the Available Resources

If you are responsible for completing the recharter process for your unit, please take a few minutes to review the information on this page to avoid frustration and mistakes that will delay the completion of your unit’s recharter.

Access Internet Recharter System

Before You Begin

  • A Unit Key 3 member or a Unit Key 3 Delegate must complete the recharter process.
  • District Recharter Turn-In Events – please plan for someone from your unit to bring your completed charter to your district’s recharter day.
  • Youth Protection Training is required for ALL adults registered on the charter (excluding the Executive Officer/Institution Head as long as that is the only position they hold).  You can also check the YPT status of your unit’s current adult leaders in Training Manager in My.Scouting.  Or check the monthly emailed report the unit Key 3 receives from the Council that includes YPT and PA Clearances information.  If a leader’s YPT expires before January 31, 2024, we recommend having that leader update their YPT training now in case there is any delay in processing your unit’s recharter.
  • All registered leaders must have ALL PA-mandated background checks on file:  PA State Police, PA Department of Human Services, and FBI Fingerprint or NBOF Waiver.
  • All registered leaders must have a current BSA Criminal Background Check Authorization (CBC) on file with the Council.
  • Units MUST upload a Unit Recharter Pennsylvania Required Background Check Affirmation Statement.  This document should be uploaded to the Committee Chair or Chartered Organization Representative.  Please don’t skip the step!    
  • All Cubmasters, Tiger Den Leaders, Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders, Webelos Den Leaders, Pack Committee Chairs, Scoutmasters, and Troop Committee Chairs must also complete position-specific training for their position.
  • We recommend checking the YPT and training status of all adult leaders BEFORE beginning the recharter process and requesting those leaders who need to complete one or more training courses to do so.

Logging In:

Units can directly access the system through Internet Advancement.  Unit Key 3 members (Committee Chair, Chartered Organization Representative, and Key Leader) will automatically have access to the recharter system.  If someone outside of Unit Key 3 will complete the recharter process, then the unit must assign them as a Unit Key 3 Delegate.


Resources are available to help units complete the recharter process using the BSA’s online system.  If you are handling the recharter process for your unit, we encourage you to watch the video below and review all the items on this page.

Recharter Tools:

Additional Training Resources:

Recharter Turn-In Process – Units must turn in a final copy of their recharter and turn it in at their District Recharter Turn-In event.  Units should bring the final copy and any support materials (applications, clearances, payment, etc.) to the event.  A commissioner or district volunteer will review your charter and let you know that day if there are any issues.  

District Recharter Turn-In Dates and Times.

If you have any questions about the turn-in process, don’t hesitate to contact your District Executive or District Commissioner.

Websites & Support:

  • Recharter Website – This is the link for Internet Advancement, which is where the recharter processor will log in.
  • Youth Protection – This website has a Q&A about Youth Protection Training and links to the online course.
  • My.Scouting Tools – This site allows units to view and update training records.  Note: My.Scouting login required; this is separate from the recharter processing system.
  • Instructions for downloading unit Youth Protection Training and Position-Specific Training and for updating training (only available to registered Unit Key 3 members.
  • Printing BSA Membership Cards instructions.
  • Printing Unit Charter instructions.
  • FAQs on Criminal Background Check Authorization Forms