Webelos to Scout Transition

Webelos to Scout Transition – Making the Next Step on Scouting’s Journey

Once a Scout reaches the 5th grade they embark on their final steps of the Cub Scout journey and prepare for a new adventure as a member of a Scouts BSA Troop.   The transition from Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA is an exciting transition, but it can also be confusing and challenging as Scouts and their families prepare to leave the Pack and join a troop.  To help every Cub Scout prepare for this transition and to support the packs and troops, the New Birth of Freedom Council Membership Committee has put together a new, year-round Webelos to Scout Transition Program.  This program is designed to help orient Scouts and families and provide guidance and recommendations to unit leadership to make the transition process as smooth as possible.  Follow the links below to help you make the transition from Webelos to Scout as smooth as possible.

Guide for Scouts and Parents

This page is designed to help Scouts and Parents on their next steps in Scouting. The information on this page answers some frequently asked questions as well as helps families with what to look for when they are looking for a Scouts BSA Troop.

Guide for Scouts BSA Troops

This page is designed to help Scouts BSA Troops build their year-round, Webelos to Scout Transition Plan.  Using some of these techniques will make the transition for the Scouts in the troop as well as the new Scouts as smooth as possible.  

Guide for Cub Scout Packs

This page is designed to help Cub Scout Packs to know their role in supporting the Webelos to Scout Transition Plan.  The Pack plays an important role in making sure that the Scouts and families find the right troop!