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Getting Started

The Camp Card sale is an easy, low-risk fundraiser ideal for helping Scouts raise money to go to summer camp.  Getting started with the sale is simple:

  • Step 1 – Set a unit goal.  Whether the goal is for each Scout to pay their entire way to summer camp or for the unit to raise needed funds, it is vital to have a goal for the sale.
  • Step 2 – Recruit a Unit Camp Card Champion.  Every good goal can be achieved with a committed and dynamic leader.  Recruit a person or persons to serve as the principal promoter and organizer for the sale.  He or she will work closely with the unit leaders planning summer camping trips and the families of Scouts who are looking forward to participating.
  • Step 3 – Join us for the Kickoff on January 31 at 7 pm.  If you missed the kickoff, don’t worry you will be able to watch a virtual recording of the event online and get all of the key information.  (watch it here)
  • Step 4 – Sign up your unit to participate.  We want to share with you all of the details about the sale.  Make sure your unit signs up so that we have your contact information and you don’t miss any updates on the sale.
  • Step 5 – Place your Camp Card Order.  What is your unit goal?  How many cards do you need to sell to get there?  Based on your goal, you should have a good idea of how many cards you need to be successful.  If you have questions, your District Camp Card Champion or District Executive will be happy to work with you to determine the right amount of cards to get started. Place your order here.
  • Step 6 – Develop your Camp Card Plan.  What are the dates you will run your sale?  Will you sell to all family and friends?  Door to door?  Virtual contactless?  At a storefront?  All of the above?  Determine all of the details for the sale and communicate to all your Scouts and families.  Help the Scouts and their families set their goals!
  • Step 7 – Pick up your Camp Cards and work your Plan.  Once the camp cards are available, pick up your cards and work your plan.  If you are running out of camp cards, please reach out immediately, and we will get you more cards!


  • January 31 – 7:00 pm – Virtual Kickoff Event – Watch it here.
  • January 1 – March 1 – Online enrollment for units.
  • March 1 – Orders due
  • March 1 – Online Sales begin
  • Early March – Cards Expected for Distribution (more details will be shared on pick up)
  • Early March – Sale Starts/Includes Online Contactless Ordering
  • Friday, June 9 – Sale Concludes; all monies and unsold camp cards are due.
  • FRIDAY, JUNE 9 – All prize order forms are due
  • Summer 2023 – Scouts enjoy summer camp programs


The base Camp Card commission is 50% on all in-person card sales paid in full by FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 2023.  The Scouts earn $2.50 for each of these cards sold.  Units keep their Scouts’ share of all sales and pay the Council by check for the due total.  Units are encouraged to track their Scouts’ sales so that Scouts can use the proceeds to pay for summer camp.  However, it is the responsibility of the unit committee to decide how their unit’s funds are to be used.

Cards sold online, which are $6, give the same $2.50 per card.  The additional online cost covers the cost of postage.

BONUS Commission:  Units can earn 60% on all in-person card sales paid in full by FRIDAY JUNE 9, 2023.  If that unit registered to attend a 2023 New Birth of Freedom Council Summer Camp, it would qualify for this new commission level.  Each Scout earns $3.00 for each of these cards sold.  Cards sold online, which are $6, give the same $3.00 per card.

For more information, please read more about Commissions here.


For all Scouts – Scouts will receive a $25.00 gift card for every 50 camp cards they sell!  Scouts may choose gift cards to the Mechanicsburg or York Scout Shops, the trading post at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation, or the trading post at Camp Tuckahoe.

To be eligible, the unit leader or Unit Camp Card Champion must submit the “Prize Verification Form” by FRIDAY JUNE 9, 2023, when the final payment is due.  This can be submitted electronically by clicking the link available on this page later in the sale.

Top Selling Scout – The top-selling Scout in each district will receive a free week of camp at a New Birth of Freedom Council summer camp in 2023.  This includes Cub Scout or Webelos Resident Camp, Scouts BSA resident camp, Cub Scout Adventure Camp, and National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT).  The top seller will be reimbursed if full payment is made before qualifying.

Top Selling Unit – The top-selling unit in each district will receive funding to have a pizza party for all of its participating Scouts.  The Unit Camp Card Champion will be emailed a gift card voucher from Papa John’s so the party can be held at the unit’s convenience.

Best Practices

From goal setting to best sales techniques.  Read more of our Best Practices for a successful Camp Card sale here.