Spring Camporee

2021 Spring Camporee – TRAIL TRIALS

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the TRAIL TRIALS Spring Camporee!

We hope you had a great time with the program, as well as getting out and camping again. We’re slowly working our way back to some usual Scouting activities, and our staff loved seeing that return at this camporee.

To follow-up with our camporee, we’ll be putting out an email-me form survey for units to fill out to provide us feedback. Keep an eye out for those in your email inbox, and we’ll post a link to that email-me form here once it is available.

To continue your Pack or Troop’s awareness of Leave No Trace and Outdoor Ethics, please feel welcome to view and share this pamphlet developed by Troop 51’s Colin McQuade to earn the Outdoor Ethics Action Award!

We will soon post a the wrap-up video to share with your unit’s families so they can see what their Scouts did at our camporee.