Merit Badge Counselors

Information for Merit Badge Counselors

Steps to complete to become one:

  1. The Following paperwork needs to be completed:
    1. Complete the Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Counselor Form.
    2. Complete a BSA Adult Application for code 42 (Merit Badge Counselor).
      1. Attach a copy of current Youth Protection Training Certificate.
    3. If not on file at the council office, provide up-to-date PA State Clearances.
      1. Information about the PA State Clearances can be found at this link.
  2. Submit the paperwork to the council office for processing. Once accepted your Merit Badge Counselor position is valid until the end of the year when it will need to be renewed. We recommend to make a copy of  the Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Counselor Form before submitting it.
    1. The forms can be submitted either by mailing them to either of our offices or by uploading them at this link.

BSA Adult Application:

BSA Merit Badge Counselor Application:

Steps to complete for renewal:

  1. If you are planning on continuing as a merit badge counselor, then keep an eye out for an email around December asking you if you would like to continue as a merit badge counselor.
  2. Complete the information that is requested from the email and continue conducting your merit badge counselor duties.

Please note: For any of the shooting sports merit badges, some additional approvals are required.  Please contact Director of Camping Todd Weidner ( for more information about being a counselor for those specific badges.

Please Note: Pages 42 and 43 of the Guide to Advancement reference other certifications that certain merit badge counselors or someone with them should have when teaching those merit badges.

Please Note: The New Birth of Freedom Council (Council) Advancement Committee and the Council Executive Board require Citizenship in Society Merit Badge Counselors to complete the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) volunteer training offered online through the website. The training takes thirty minutes to complete. 

  • The BSA’s DEI volunteer training adequately ensures that all counselors have a base understanding of the necessary terms and concepts required to offer this merit badge. Because of the sensitive nature of the topics and the environment in which they will be discussed, the Advancement Committee believes it is paramount to ensure our counselors are given sufficient information to administer/facilitate this merit badge correctly. Requiring that counselors take the online training offered through BSA gives a consistent training module, easily accessed by anyone, enabling volunteers to take the training around their schedules.

For questions about becoming a merit badge counselor please contact either your district’s professional scouter or you can contact Cory Kercher at