Tentaroo Help

Welcome to Tentaroo Help!  Tentaroo is a system designed for Scouting Councils to manage events such as Boy Scout and Cub Scout Resident Camps, Day Camps, District and Council activities, and more.  The New Birth of Freedom Council has designed Tentaroo Help as a way to answer your questions about using Tentaroo to help schedule and plan your unit’s camping, activities, and events in the New Birth of Freedom Council.

Account Guide
Year-Round Reservation Guide
Summer Camp Registration Guide

Key Information

At our launch, Tentaroo will primarily be utilized for Summer Camp registrations.  This includes:

  • Boy Scout Summer Camp at Camp Tuckahoe
  • Boy Scout Summer Camp at Hidden Valley
  • Cub Scout Resident Camp at Camp Tuckahoe
  • Webelos Resident Camp at Camp Tuckahoe
  • All District Day Camps

Leaders with their unit’s username and password will be able to do the following:

  • Review Unit Reservations – If you made your summer camp reservation at the end of last year’s camp or have submitted a paper registration, your reservation has been uploaded. Please, log in and make sure that all of your information is correct.
  • Modify Unit Reservations – If you know that you are planning to bring different numbers of youth and/or adults to your summer camp session, you can make additions to that number. Please contact our camping department to reduce numbers as there may be refunds due.
  • Modify your roster – Tentaroo has come preloaded with your unit’s roster. This includes all of your registered youth and adults under the “Reports” button.
  • Create a new Summer Camp Reservation – If your unit has not registered for one of our summer camping opportunities, you can use Tentaroo to make your reservation under the “Events” tab.
  • Make and view payments – Tentaroo enables online payments for Summer Camp and Year-Round registrations. Those units that have made a deposit, can view that in their account.
  • Merit Badge Registration (Boy Scout Summer Camp) – Troops are able to register Scouts for Merit Badges. In order to do so, a Troop must submit and have paid by February 1st, a $60 per Scout deposit. Troops can still make deposits and sign up after this date. Please note late fees take effect after May 1st.
  • Year-Round Cabin and Facility Reservations – Units can make Year-Round Cabin and Facility Reservations for Camp Tuckahoe, Hidden Valley, Camp Conewago, up to one year in advance.
  • District and Council Events and Activities – We will gradually be adding additional activities and events to the Tentaroo system. This may include events such as Merit Badge Colleges, trainings, and Council/District Camporees under the “Events” tab.

Once you have your username and password, you will be able to log in to Tentaroo at https://nbf.tentaroo.com.

For further assistance:

Contact: Camping Services at 717-620-4525 or camping@newbirthoffreedom.org

Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  How do I access my account?
A:  You can log into your account at https://nbf.tentaroo.com.

Q:  How do I get my username and password?
Each unit has a username and password automatically generated by Tentaroo. Anyone from the unit with the username and password can use Tentaroo.  The username and password are specific to the unit not the individual user.

The username and password have been provided to a Primary User and an Alternate User in your unit.  For Cub Scout Packs, your Cubmaster is by default the Primary User and your Committee Chair is your Alternate User.  For Boy Scout Troops and Teams, your Scoutmaster/Coach is by default the Primary User and your Committee Chair is your Alternate User.  For Venture Crews and Ships, your Advisor/Skipper is by default the Primary User and your Committee Chair is your Alternate User.

Units can update/change their Primary and/or Alternate User under your “Profile” button in Tentaroo.

New Birth of Freedom units should not create their own accounts at this time.  There will be instructions for individuals and families to do.

Q: Can I update my unit profile?  What information is in my profile?
A: Yes, you can update your unit profile at any time.  Each unit has had a unit profile created.  This unit profile includes key contact information for your unit as well as lists all of the Scouts and Registered adults on your unit roster. Units will be able to add or delete members. This will enable you to easily select the youth and adults that you wish to register for events.

Q: When can I access Tentaroo?
A: Units can access Tentaroo 24/7 to create a reservation, check/modify a reservation, make and track payments and much more!

Q: If my unit has made a Camp Reservation and paid a deposit, do I need to re-enter my reservation?
A: No, when you log into Tentaroo you will see that all of the information you supplied to make your reservation has been put into the system.  If your unit has not yet registered for a summer camping program, you can use Tentaroo to start registration.

Q: When will my unit be able to select merit badges for Summer Camping Programs?
Many of our Merit Badge classes at Hidden Valley and Tuckahoe have limits to class size, so it is encouraged that your Scouts sign up for Merit Badges early.  Merit Badge selection will go live on February 1st of every year.  In order to make merit badge selections a unit must make a $60 deposit for each Scout that they are bringing.

Q: If my unit is not going to camp, can Scouts register provisionally?
A: Yes, provisional scouts can sign up with an individual Tentaroo account or with the unit’s account.  However, we recommend that whenever possible, especially with Boy Scout Camps, Scouts register through their troop in order to assist with Merit Badge Blue Card Tracking.