Scout Day on Facebook


We are excited about all of the Scouting adventures that wait for the 2019-20 Scouting year ahead and we are hope that you are too!  Summer is quickly coming to a close and we are entering the time of year when families are planning what activities that they will be involved with this fall and we hope that every family will consider a Scouting program.   

Who knows best all of the fun and exciting things that new Scouts will get to experience in the coming year? You, our current Scouting volunteers and families, of course!  To get our fall kicked off right we are asking you to help participate it 2 great initiatives that are simple, fun, and can be felt across the entire community!

Initiative #1 – Scout Day on Facebook – September 4

Social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are key components of the way our families and prospective families communicate.  We are asking everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) to help us flood social media by mentioning Scouting on Wednesday, September 4!

We want to take our social media message to unprecedented heights and get all of our Scouts, Scouters, and Scouting alumni to mention Scouting on a single day.  As new families see multiple references to Scouting, it will grab their attention and show that Scouting is alive and well in south-central PA!  We also have a goal of our messages getting shared in every state across the country and maybe even get our message shared around the world!

How to participate:  

Using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram we encourage you to share our Scout Day Posts and to add your own comment and picture about Scouting when you do.  Some ideas of what you could share:

  • “We had a great time at summer camp this year and I’m looking forward to my next Scouting adventure!” #ScoutDay19 #ScoutMeIn
  • “My son/daughter is excited to be a Scout.” #ScoutDay19 #ScoutMeIn
  • “I’m proud of my Eagle Scout.” #ScoutDay19 #ScoutMeIn
  • “My son/daughter has learned a ton in Scouts. Talk to me about joining too!” #ScoutDay19 #ScoutMeIn

Photos can make your post even better and more catching, so consider adding one to your update.  With each of these above, we’ve also added 2 hashtags #ScoutDay 19 and #ScoutMeIn.  We encourage you to use these tags on your social messages as well.  This way we can view all of the great experiences in Scouting all in one place and new families can check out all of the amazing stories!

Initiative #2 – ScoutMeIn all Season 

It’s tradition that many families take photos of their children on their first day of school and post it on Facebook.  We are asking new families to do the same thing with Scouting.  Below are 2 signs that new Scouts and their families can print and then include in their photo as they post them to their social media pages!  Share the message that you are excited to Be A Scout!

Scout Me In Sign – Black and White

Scout Me In Sign – Color

These families and all of our Scouting families can also show their support of Scouting and show that they can be a great resource of information and questions, but attaching to their Facebook profile our ScoutMeIn frame!  We are asking families, volunteers, and leaders to put a ScoutMeIn Frame on their profile until our Hooked on Scouting Events have ended on October 5.

There are a bunch of different frames to choose from, search for ones from “Cub Scouts”, “Boy Scouts of America”, or “Scout Shop”.  To add it to your profile do the following steps:

  1. Head to
  2. Search for the type of frame you’d like to add. We recommend the ones from:
    • Cub Scouts
    • Boy Scouts of America
    • Scout Shop
  3. Select your desired frame and scale your profile photo as needed. This way you can avoid blocking key parts of your photo with the additional graphics. You also have the option to swap in another photo by selecting “Change Picture.”
  4. Select “Use as Profile Picture,” at the bottom of the page to make your changes final. You can set a timeline for how long you’d like to keep this frame on your profile, as well.
  5. Be Prepared for your friends and family to be in awe of your photo’s cool, new look.

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