A Letter to Our Scouting Family

Greetings from New Birth of Freedom Council

With everything going on, we wanted to send a note out to all volunteers and unit leaders in the New Birth of Freedom Council.  Because, in our Scouting efforts to serve God, family, community, and country, all aspects of how we serve must be adjusted.

We’re all facing hardships never faced before—some financial challenges, some health challenges, certainly emotional challenges, and so much more.

It is essential at this time for us, as adult scouting volunteers, to step up and lead by example. We can show our youth and our neighbors that Scouts can calmly handle a tough situation and help others to do so as well, by simply following the Scout Law.  Please, reach out to the members of your Pack, Troop, or Crew. Reach out to those you’ve met outside of your group as well. See what they need. Maybe to bring someone food or perhaps just to talk. 

And if you require something, reach out!  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Scouting Now, More Than Ever

There has not been a time in recent history where the phrase “Be Prepared” resonates so soundly in our community. (And our Scouts all own a handbook on the subject.)  Through Scouting, we learn how to be prepared at all times.

We urge you to communicate with your Scouts, point out what practical skills they have learned in Scouting and how it can apply to the situation. (Camping is camping, even at home) 

Now is the time to walk our Scouts through the Scout Law and how it applies to our new situation.  “A Scout is Clean” means wash your hands, and “A Scout is Thrifty” means don’t be wasteful are two examples that come to mind. Our values have not changed, but the tactics may need to be adjusted to address the new normal. In the same manner, “A Scout is Helpful” doesn’t necessarily mean being physically in the community.

Learn how to provide a safe Scouting experience: Scouting At Home Hub

 Share this link for ideas on how Scouts can provide service safely: Service you can do from home

Did you know there are fifty-eight merit badges available online Scouts can earn: 58 Merit Badges You Can Earn From Home

Also, our own extra time at home is an excellent opportunity to catch up on our adult volunteer Online Training.

Due to these unforeseen circumstances, we have, of course, suspended the traditional aspects of the 2020 FOS campaign for the foreseeable future. Since units cannot assemble in person, our FOS presenters cannot meet with Pack, Troop, or Crew in person. Online giving is still, of course, active: NBOF FOS We Are A Scouting Family

 Remember that We Are A Scouting Family

Thanks for all you are doing for Scouting!  As a Scouting Family, we will demonstrate to our community every part of the Scout Oath, especially that part that says, ‘to help other people at all times.’ 

Now is Scouting’s time to shine bright. 

Be safe, take care of yourself, and take care of each other.


Bill McQuade                                            Tom Steckbeck                                             Ron Gardner
Council President                                     Council Commissioner                               Scout Executive

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