Battlefield District and Leader Awards for 2020

Now Calling for Award Applications!

District Award of Merit

Tis the season for determining awards from the 2020 Scouting year.
While it was a difficult year for many of us, we hope that we can still recognize scouters who went above and beyond in 2020. Below you’ll find a diverse assortment of award applications. Some of them can even earn you knots for your uniform!
The most prominent award we’re looking for is the District Award of Merit. This is awarded to two scouters in the District who demonstrate service to scouts in the District above-and-beyond their registered position. You can read about other requirements in the application.
Additionally, we’ll also be looking for the next recipients of the Dean W.B. Tilberg and Dr. John H. Riley awards.
Please make sure all award applications are submitted by Friday, April 16, 2021!!!

Other awards that we’ll put out a call for at this time are:

As you can see, there are plenty of awards to apply for or learn more about, and I hope to see an abundance of submissions. Applications can be sent to

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