Scoutbook Resource Page

From the first knot tied to final hours of service performed, the Scouting experience is a journey like no other.  Scoutbook ensures not a moment is missed – tracking advancement, milestone achievements and all the fun along the way.

New Scoutbook accounts will be available starting January 1, 2019.  You will not be able to establish a new Scoutbook account until January 1!

Creating A New Account

Setting Up Your Unit

ScoutNet Unit Youth Import

Set Up Your Unit For Advancement Sync

Cub Scout Advancement Process

Boy Scout Advancement Process


Print Advancement Report for Scout Shop

Scoutbook for Parents

Thanks to the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC) for the videos displayed on this page.  There is a wealth of additional support materials available on the SUAC Scoutbook FAQ and Resources page.  Please check out these additional resources to help you maximize the usefulness of Scoutbook for your unit.