Tour of Hidden Valley

If you can’t get to Hidden Valley to see the camp first-hand, we can bring images of the camp to you here on our website. A list of the major program features and facilities is available below on this page. Simply click on any of the links to see pictures and a more detailed description of any of the facilities or program features.


All cabins at Hidden Valley have the following amenities unless stated otherwise in the description:

  • Campfire Ring
  • Bunk Beds with Mattresses
  • Cooking Stove with Oven
  • Indoor Restroom
  • Electricity
  • Wood for Wood Stove
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Optional Furnace Heating
  • Dining Tables with Benches
  • Refrigerator with Freezer
  • Indoor Water
  • Wood Stove Heating
  • Mops & Brooms
  • Latrine with Nearby Washstand

Sleeping Capacity: 10

Sleeping Capacity: 24

Sleeping Capacity: 24

Ritter Lodge (sleeps 24)

Thunderbird Lodge (sleeps 24)

Whitaker Lodge (sleeps 32)

Labor Lodge (sleeps 50)

Rotary Lodge (sleeps 64)

Olewine Cabins (each sleep 8)

Kiwanis I & II Adirondacks (each sleep 24)

Stockade (sleeps 24)

Campsites (each sleeps approx. 35)


Reisman Shelter

Schoffstal Chapel

Trading Post

Wagner Training Center


Hershey Dining Hall

Summer Camp Program Areas

Thanks for checking out Hidden Valley and we hope to see you there soon. For more information or to arrange for an in-person tour of the camp, please don’t hesitate to contact Todd Weidner, Director of Camping Services by telephone at (717) 502-4190 or by e-mail at