Popcorn and Nuts Sale Unit Commissions

26%: Base commission on all sales
Additional 2%: Unit attends Camp Masters Exclusive Motivational Leader Training or a Popcorn & Nuts Rally 
Additional 1%: Unit participates in Show & Sell Sale and does not return any product ordered
Additional 2%: Product payment received at the Mechanicsburg or York Service Center by November 30

Volume Bonus Commissions

Achieve Total Unit Sales of at least $2,500 by Oct. 23rd


Total Unit Sales of at least $4,000 by Oct. 23rd



Increase Total Unit Sale by 25% over 2017 by Oct. 23rd

Increase Total Unit Sale by 40% over 2017 by Oct. 23rd

Additional 2% commission

Additional 5% commission

Grand Slam Bonus: Additional 10% commission on all sales over $10,000 by Oct. 23rd

Cash Option: Retain 4% of all sales if unit chooses to not participate in the prize program

Online Sales

Scouts will receive 35% commission on all sales.   Online sales may count toward the unit’s Volume Bonus Commission if completed by October 23rd and may also count towards any prizes offered if completed by November 13th, when prize orders are due.