Cub Scout Adventure Camp-FAQ

Why Cub Scout Adventure Camp?

  • Hear from some of the parents who attended last year’s Cub Scout Adventure Camps on their thoughts as to why to attend:
    • “Very happy with what they were able to do in three hours each evening. I have nothing to complain about and am very thankful for all the volunteers making this event happen.”
    • “Great experience..great for the kids. We thoroughly enjoyed it!”
    • “Overall great Experience! Great activities for the kids. Highly recommend to others.”
    • “The most fun my Daughter and I ever had. Thank you!”
    • “The Scouts really enjoyed this. Twilight was cooler then a day camp would have been.”
    • “It is rare that I am able to “just be mom.” I’m so grateful for all of your hard work to make camp happen. As our ability to help became limited we still enjoyed a great week with our younger Scout. Thank You!”

Younger and Older  Non-Cub Scout Age Siblings 

  • Non-Cub Scout age younger and older siblings can attend adventure camp with their families. Their parents/guardians must be always with them. Select activities may be available for them to participate in depending on the availability of staff and materials. Any siblings who are of Cub Scout age (5 years old to 10 years old) can either register to be a participant in the full camp experience or attend a camp like the other non-Cub Scout age siblings.

Family Member Expectations while at Camp

  • All family members who attend Cub Scout Adventure Camp with their participating family members are to remain with those family members at all times and travel from station to station as the participants participate in the various activities the camp has to offer.

PA State Clearances

  • Den Walkers:
    • All Den Walkers at Adventure Camp are required to have current Youth Protection Training and required Pennsylvania state clearances. This applies to all camp and unit provided Den Walkers. If a Den Walker arrives without these requirements met, the camp will direct the adult to the online services to obtain their Youth Protection Training as well as 2 out of the 3 clearances (the Report of Criminal History from the PA State Police and Child Abuse History Clearance from the Department of Human Services). The third clearance, the FBI Criminal History Clearance is fingerprint based and cannot be completed online, so any adult that has not obtained this clearance will not be allowed entry. (Reminder: if the adult has been a Pennsylvania resident for the past 10 consecutive years, they are eligible to complete the Volunteer Disclosure Statement in lieu of obtaining the FBI Criminal History Clearance). Adults will be permitted to attend camp only after they have submitted their current Youth Protection Training and required clearances.
  • Parents attending with their Family:
    • Parents that register to attend as a family and not part of a pack, will participate in a Den with a trained and certified Den Walker. We recommend that parents who attend as part of the family camp take Youth Protection Training and get their Pennsylvania clearances, but they are not required to do so. Adults participating as a family are permitted to only be responsible for their own children and may not serve as the responsible adult for other Scouts.

Lions at Adventure Camp

  • According to the Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Camping that are published by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Lions are not permitted to attend Summer Adventure Camp. Youth recruited into the Lion program are to start officially in the Pack in the fall and should not be recruited during the spring. Lions are permitted to attend day camps and family camping after they have joined in the fall.

Webelos/Arrow of Lights at Adventure Camp

  • Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts can attend Adventure Camp, however, the program is designed for Tigers, Wolves, and Bears.

Tiger Adult partners at Adventure Camp

  • Tiger Cubs require an adult partner who is not serving in another role at camp. The basic element of Tiger Cubs is the Tiger Cub-Adult Partner team. The adult may be a parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or even a neighbor. The requirements are that the adult partner be 18 years of age or older, care about the Tiger, and be strongly committed to the Tiger Cub’s well-being. The child and the adult partner join Tiger Cubs together. In order for a new Tiger Cub to participate in any Scouting activity including adventure camp, a Tiger Partner is required. Their focus is on their Tiger Cub, and therefore cannot be serving in any other role at adventure camp.

Meals at Camp

  • Meals will not be served at camp. We encourage everyone to make certain to grab a bite to eat before coming to camp.

What is included in the cost?

  • Adventure Camp Includes: Camp T-shirt, Camp Patch, Program Supplies, and Wristband.

What Should I Wear to Adventure Camp?

  • Campers should wear clothes for being outside, to include their camp t-shirt, shorts/pants, and comfortable shoes. No sandals or open-toed shoes. Camps will be held rain or shine so please plan accordingly. Scouts do not have to wear their Cub Scout Adventure Camp shirt every day, but we highly recommend that they do so. Participants should wear their wristbands every day that they are at camp. If you misplace yours, please let the staff know and they will get you a new one.

Advancements at Adventure Camp?

  • Cub Scout Adventure Camp is not built around Scouts completing a ton of advancement. The program is designed to be more fun and family-oriented than having a specific focus on advancement. This does not mean that there are no opportunities by attending camp. It is up to the Scout’s Akela, whether that is a parent or a unit leader, to determine what requirements a Scout completed while they are at camp. Camps do not provide a list of advancements earned during the week. Camps WILL have special camp awards for Scouts to earn during the week.

How to register?

  • The below links will take you to video demonstrations on how to register for Cub Scout Adventure Camp. Click on the for the registration type you are planning to register as.

What to Bring to Camp?

  • Items Required by All Attendees: Water Bottle (Full), Completed Health Form (Parts A & B), Current Year Camp T-shirt, Wristband and a Desire to have fun.
    • Other Recommended Items: Sunscreen, Rain Gear, Money for Trading Post, Hat and Sunglasses, Daypack/Backpack for all personal gear, Camp Chair.

Early Release of Campers

  • Parents should complete the early release form and submit a copy to the Camp Director if a child will be picked up from camp early at any time during the week. (Copies of this form can be found Here).

Camper Security

  • Staff are identified with their gold Staff T-shirt and nametag lanyard
    • Staff must sign in and sign out each day of camp.
    • Medics will have safety vest to identify them.
  • Participants are identified with their rubber wristband.
    • A Permission form is required if child is being picked up by or dropped off by someone other than their parents or legal guardians. (This is part of the BSA Medical Form located at the bottom of Part A).
    • Participants must sign in and sign out with their assigned staff member each day.
  • Visitors must sign in and sign out each day at the Administrative area for the camp and will receive a paper wrist band to wear during the day of camp that they are visiting on.

Late Arrival and Attendance

  • Daily attendance is tracked so participants who arrive after the opening ceremony should report to the Camp Director to sign in.
  • In cases of absences, a participant’s family will be contacted shortly after the program begins.