2017 Sherman’s Creek Rendezvous Staff Application

Hundreds of volunteers are being recruited to plan and execute this incredible program!

What Is The Rendezvous?

This Scout encampment will be a fun-filled and action-packed weekend for Scouts, Scouters, and Scouting families

When and Where Is The Rendezvous?

The Rendezvous will be held at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation (HVSR), near Loysville, PA, on October 13-15, 2017. For directions to HVSR, please visit www.newbirthoffreedom.org.

Who May Attend The Rendezvous?

Activities and displays for all ages will ensure an excellent experience for all. Camping opportunities will be available for all units. packs, troops and crews will be able to register to stay for the entire weekend.

Staff Accommodations

As Rendezvous staff, you will have the option to camp with your own unit, bring and set up your own tent or sleep inside one of the camp lodges with other Rendezvous staff.

Meals: Staff meals will be served in the camp dining hall or bagged lunches will be delivered to your program location.

What is the Cost to be on Staff?

The cost for a staff member is $25. This fee includes staff meals, patch and recognition.

Are There Physical Requirements?

All staff members should be in good health and capable of walking throughout the encampment without assistance.


Please contact Todd Weidner, Director of Camping Services, at todd.weidner@scouting.org or (717) 502-4190.

How to Join Rendezvous Staff?

Volunteers are needed to support the Rendezvous event. If you would like to join the event staff, please email complete the application here.

There are many great stations planned for Rendezvous. We are in need of volunteer staff to help run the following program stations listed below on Saturday October 14 at the 2017 Council Rendezvous STEM Camporee.  We are looking for two volunteers to share running each of the stations listed below between 9am and 5pm.  Each activity is fully developed and will tell you everything you need to know to help run a station. Please contact the person listed below for more information or to sign up to help. 

Cub Scout Program Stations:                                                       Boy Scout Program Stations:
Contact Scott Dinger                                                                       Contact Ezra Thrush
scottdinger@me.com                                                                      et6882@gmail.com

Inflatables                                                                                                    Rockets
Large Jenga Blocks (Engineering)                                                          Rube Goldberg Machine
Robotic Arm                                                                                                Catapult
Ping Pong Bounce (Mathematics)                                                          Robots
Plank Walk (Engineering)                                                                        Spaghetti Bridge
American Ninja                                                                                          Displays from High-Tech Companies
Rodeo Board                                                                                               Chemistry – Making Crystals
Flip that Tarp                                                                                             Hexahexaflexagon
STEM Theme Escape Room                                                                   Weather Station
Myth Busters Area                                                                                    Astronomy – Mobile Planetarium
Rubber Eggs                                                                                              Sierpinski Triangle
Ooblek Big Box                                                                                         Sound How is it made & transmitted
Small Table Contents of Ooblek                                                           Rope Making
Telephone Book Pull                                                                              Stream Study
Dry Ice Ice Cream                                                                                   6 Simple Machines
Rubber Band Guns                                                                                 Rubber Band Guns     
BB Shooting                                                                                            Papermaking
Archery                                                                                                    Egg Smash
Tomahawk Throw                                                                                 Ice Cutting
                                               Venturing Program Stations:
                                               Contact Jeff Campbell

Climbing Tower                                                                      Team Challenge
Venture Shooting                                                                    Obstacle Course
Horizontal Wall                                                                       Bridge Walk

Rendezvous Leadership

Camporee Chairman: Tom Steckbeck

Camping Committee Chairman: John Kotchish
Facilities Chairman: Josh Brown
Parking and Security Chairman: Dan Flohr
First Aid Medical Chairman: Justin Eberly

Program Committee Chairman: John Hess
Cub Scout Program Chairman: Scott Dinger
Boy Scout Program Chairman: Ezra Thrush
Venture Program Chairman: Jeff Campbell

Operations Committee Chairman: Dave Wyrwas
Trading Post Sale Chairman: Jason Ernst
Food Sales Chairman: Ken Barber
Staff Meals Chairman: Justin Schneider

Commissioner Service: Michael Kiesinger
Professional Staff Advisor: Todd Weidner