Rendezvous Program


Rendezvous will feature exciting program options for Scouts of ALL ages!  Program during the day on Saturday will open at 9:00 am and will conclude with our closing campfire at 7:30 pm.  Check out all of the exciting things to do below.

Program Schedule and Format:  You can download the Rendezvous Program schedule here.  The program will be an open format. All participants will be able to visit the program areas below (except climbing, 14+) where they will find different activities for all age groups. The program activities will be spread throughout camp. 

Program Areas:

  • Shooting Sports
  • Handicraft
  • Scout Skills
  • Games
  • Medieval Games
  • Climbing(14+)
  • Special Events
  • Nature

Costumes:  Costumes are encouraged for all who are attending.  Youth may want to be a Jester, Knight, King, Queen, Lord, or Lady.  Encourage youth and adults to do some research on costumes of the time period.  Please keep in mind this is a Scouting function and dress should be appropriate.  Even though this is a medieval theme, NO WEAPONS of any type will be allowed.  

Special Activities

Blacksmith: Back for Rendezvous 2021 is our blacksmith.  Scouts will make their own rod iron dinner bell. 

Falconry Presentation: Miller’s Wildlife & Conservation Specialist, Patrick Miller, a Peregrine falcon, and Red-tailed hawk will attend our event. Seating will be limited in the campfire circle, so we will offer several presentation times to accommodate everyone. This is the only time-scheduled event for the day. Presentation times will be assigned at check-in. 

Scouting Museum: A Scouting Museum is open throughout the event and will be filled with different Scouting memorabilia. Scouts are encouraged to stop by and look at the history of Scouting in our area.  

Rifle: Special for 2021 we will have the rifle range open for all scouts 14 years and older. We are also excited to offer this program to all adults who attend as well.

Branding: Rendezvous will feature its own unique branding station.  With a Rendezvous brand and other Scouting brands available, we encourage Scouts to bring scrap pieces of leather or leather items that you would like to have branded. We will have several items available for purchase that will be able to be branded, including a special mug designed for branding!

Catapult Competition (Scouts BSA, Venturing Crews, Ships, and Explorers):  One of the exciting competitive events at The Dragon’s Quest is the Catapult Challenge. Patrols will compete for the ultimate prize, “Champion of the Catapult Challenge”. This competitive event tests the lashing, knot tying, and design skill of each scout and their Patrol. This is a fun and exciting event. There are several RULES and REGULATIONS that each Patrol must abide by or risk being disqualified and unable to compete. Download Rules and Regulations here.

Cub Scout Marshmallow Catapult Building:  Each Cub Scout will have the opportunity to construct a catapult and launch marshmallows to win a prize. 

Shield Competition: All units and families are encouraged to design their own Medieval coat of arms on a shield that will be displayed as a part of our very own Castle at Hidden Valley. The shields will be hung in front of our castle area and line the road for everyone to see, this is where the judging will take place on Saturday afternoon.  For each shield, please follow the design standards here

Campfire Program and Fireworks: Our campfire program will be full of fun and excitement, as we share memories of the event and present all of the awards earned. We are also pleased to announce that we will have fireworks to close out the show.